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  1. Hoping Dillon Peters, but after 7.2 solid innings last time out they'll probably start him. Fortunately it's a 6:10 start and there aren't any early games. Downside: it's BoSox with a pissed off Sale on the mound.
  2. Pick your favorite speculation for SD after Morejon gets pulled after 3. I don’t have recommendation for who though sorry.
  3. Had him most of the year. Judgement call when he starts no brainer when he bulks. Def better than an 8th inning guy in my book. Maybe better than lower tier closers.
  4. Consensus is that Pedro Payano is bulk tonight.
  5. Have a link to the Pena news? Payano walks ~4+% scaring me, but gonna try anyway.
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