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  1. Due to injuries and byes he's been in my starting line-up three of the last five games,thankfully one of those was yesterday.
  2. Thank you kid,the organization owes you one.
  3. Absolutely. I'm in a 12 man cash league($200 per) and to help a friend out I agreed to play in a bragging rights only league which will never happen again.
  4. Our league voted a few years ago to not only -3 on an INT but -6 on a pick 6,nothing worse than watching the ball bounce off a receiver's chest into the air and into the hands off a defender who takes it to the house.
  5. I only need FIVE YARDS from Jakobi and I'm concerned.
  6. Due to injuries and byes I was forced to pick up and start him and I was looking for a possible silver lining
  7. WRs Jakobi Meyers : In the limited opportunities Meyers has had, he’s played well. Going back to last year, he’s caught 37-of-58 targets for 484 yards, though he’s still yet to find the end zone. Just read where Monday is his 24th birthday,maybe Bill/Cam will figure out a way to get him his first td as a gift.
  8. This is exactly why our league(12 man) has HTH and a weekly total points scale.There's a cash prize for best HTH record at end of season but in order to make play-offs you play against everyone week to week with highest points getting 11 points and lowest getting 0 points,those are added together weekly and the top 6 scores at the end make the play-offs.
  9. Adding insult to injury(for those of us who started him) Mullens comes in and puts up a decent game in stats in ONE QUARTER.
  10. I wish I could say I'm starting him with full confidence but I am starting him over Brees.I can see Shanahan having a heavy run plan to limit Wilson and company possessions.I went back and looked at last season's games and Jimmy G only had 1 td total although the scores were totals of 47 and 51.Granted as you stated the Seattle pass D is horrendous this season and based on my FF history with Brees outside on grass,I'm going with Jimmy G.
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