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  1. Due to injuries and byes he's been in my starting line-up three of the last five games,thankfully one of those was yesterday.
  2. Thank you kid,the organization owes you one.
  3. Absolutely. I'm in a 12 man cash league($200 per) and to help a friend out I agreed to play in a bragging rights only league which will never happen again.
  4. Our league voted a few years ago to not only -3 on an INT but -6 on a pick 6,nothing worse than watching the ball bounce off a receiver's chest into the air and into the hands off a defender who takes it to the house.
  5. I only need FIVE YARDS from Jakobi and I'm concerned.
  6. Due to injuries and byes I was forced to pick up and start him and I was looking for a possible silver lining
  7. WRs Jakobi Meyers : In the limited opportunities Meyers has had, he’s played well. Going back to last year, he’s caught 37-of-58 targets for 484 yards, though he’s still yet to find the end zone. Just read where Monday is his 24th birthday,maybe Bill/Cam will figure out a way to get him his first td as a gift.
  8. This is exactly why our league(12 man) has HTH and a weekly total points scale.There's a cash prize for best HTH record at end of season but in order to make play-offs you play against everyone week to week with highest points getting 11 points and lowest getting 0 points,those are added together weekly and the top 6 scores at the end make the play-offs.
  9. Adding insult to injury(for those of us who started him) Mullens comes in and puts up a decent game in stats in ONE QUARTER.
  10. I wish I could say I'm starting him with full confidence but I am starting him over Brees.I can see Shanahan having a heavy run plan to limit Wilson and company possessions.I went back and looked at last season's games and Jimmy G only had 1 td total although the scores were totals of 47 and 51.Granted as you stated the Seattle pass D is horrendous this season and based on my FF history with Brees outside on grass,I'm going with Jimmy G.
  11. Speaking of great rb's I will forever miss Riggo,1982 playoffs 136 carries for 610 yards in four games for a Super Bowl win. If you were a fan of his you should appreciate the parody song as well.
  12. Hoping it starts with Seattle this week although he only had one td against them in their two games last season.I dropped $5 to add him and as of now starting him over Brees at Chicago.I've owned Brees enough to know that I'd rather not start him outside on grass and his match-up with the Bears only adds to that.The way Seattle has been hemorrhaging points to QB's I'm hoping it'll be $5 well spent.
  13. Player News: "Montgomery continues to see RB1 usage on an elite snap rate, but the dude has the movement skills of a busted refrigerator and can't make defenders miss or break tackles. Relatively speaking, he's a terrible athlete at the position
  14. Cool story for all other owners in our league as week six I had 11 players(13 if I count defenses) active(including bench) and not one single touchdown.Fairly sure that was first for me in 20+ years of playing this game.
  15. Luckily I wasn't playing for a championship today,I kept looking at the updates thinking he must've got hurt.
  16. I'm thinking about playing him in my flex(as a WR4) I'm just concerned the Bills won't have to throw much.
  17. 25 years of playing this game and worst team effort ever.I'll just say if the Cards can get Gonzalez in position to kick 20 FG's and he makes them all I might have a shot depending on their length.
  18. Normally I would've never visited this thread but as a Brees owner forced to start Lock this week did so and just wanted to say thanks for this as it's given me a little more hope.
  19. 12 team non ppr 8 games of 30 by 10 or less and one game at 10.1 Our league also does the 11-0 high score to low score point system to qualify for playoffs,so if that's included we had a game this week(mine) where I lost a point in overall standings because an owner scored 0.4 more than I did.
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