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  1. 19 hours ago, RunCMC said:

    Who woulda saw that coming. Kid blew up on everyone's bench. 

    It was strange because Gus and Ingram were both active, and barely touched the rock.

    Maybe signs of things to come ? 🤗

    Due to injuries and byes he's been in my starting line-up three of the last five games,thankfully one of those was yesterday.

  2. 2 hours ago, Silent-Trader said:

    I've noticed a significant difference in participation based on entry fees. The higher the entry fee, the more serious the competition tends to be; these are the leagues I enjoy the most. Despite that, I take it way tooooo seriously. My wins and losses change my mood, especially those close games. 

    Absolutely. I'm in a 12 man cash league($200 per) and to help a friend out I agreed to play in a bragging rights only league which will never happen again.

  3. 33 minutes ago, FFCollusion said:

    Off the top of my head...
    Jay Ajayi had 433 and 3TDs
    Bryce Brown had 347 and 2TDs
    CJ2K had 399 and 2TDs
    Jamaal Charles had 373 and 7TDs
    Le'Veon had 480 and 3TDs
    Todd Gurley 456 and 6
    LT had 432 and 6
    Doug Martin had 486 and 6TDs

    Off the top of your head :lol:

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  4. 16 minutes ago, Black_Panther said:

    Last 3 weeks... 2nd most points 3 weeks ago, most points 2 weeks ago, 2nd most points this week. Walking away with a record of 1 win 2 losses from that and 4 wins 4 losses in total even though have been killing it every week with most points scored by a country mile (about 200 more than the next team thus far). Every week teams seem to put up their best scoring effort against me or matchups favor them. So frustrating 

    This is exactly why our league(12 man) has HTH and a weekly total points scale.There's a cash prize for best HTH record at end of season but in order to make play-offs you play against everyone week to week with highest points getting 11 points and lowest getting 0 points,those are added together weekly and the top 6 scores at the end make the play-offs.

  5. 1 hour ago, kdpat15 said:

    how do we feel about JG today? this could be a blow up spot with the horrendous Seahawk pass D

    I wish I could say I'm starting him with full confidence but I am starting him over Brees.I can see Shanahan having a heavy run plan to limit Wilson and company possessions.I went back and looked at last season's games and Jimmy G only had 1 td total although the scores were totals of 47 and 51.Granted as you stated the Seattle pass D is horrendous this season and based on my FF history with Brees outside on grass,I'm going with Jimmy G.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Wyzzil said:

    I have to start him too due to byes and deaths, but I'm at peace with it honestly. Yeah it's the Steelers, but they no longer have Bush's speed out there and the last team that gave Lamar real issues this season was the Chiefs by getting creative with their coverages and blitzes. This forced the Ravens to barely throw the ball and ended up leaving Dobby open constantly, Lamar just didn't go through his progressions. Dobby still ended up accounting for 4 receptions and half of Lamar's passing yards that game. I think the Steelers will try to terrorize Lamar the same way just like last year and I feel pretty good that this coaching staff learned from the chiefs game and will get Dobby more chances after the bye. There's chances to be had for him, even in this game. 

    Dobby :lol:

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  7. On 10/29/2020 at 12:23 PM, yossarian said:

    Nah. Talent is talent, especially at that elite elite level. Those guys were all-world hall of famers, especially LT. They would've figured out how to excel within the rules as they are now and would have been dominant today just like they were then. There just wouldn't have been as many concussions, and maybe they would've had longer careers. 

    Also Bo would dominate any period. Dude was an alien. 



    I was actually at that game when he did that.


  8. On 10/21/2020 at 1:23 PM, sjm76 said:

    Jimmy G looked a lot better last game and showed that he's still capable of blow-up games similar to last year.  I would bench him this week vs. NE but he should be useful in the coming weeks for teams that need qb help.

    Hoping it starts with Seattle this week although he only had one td against them in their two games last season.I dropped $5 to add him and as of now starting him over Brees at Chicago.I've owned Brees enough to know that I'd rather not start him outside on grass and his match-up with the Bears only adds to that.The way Seattle has been hemorrhaging points to QB's I'm hoping it'll be $5 well spent.

  9. 12 hours ago, brooklynfinest42 said:

    Rotoworld: "he's a terrible athlete at the position" ....  ouch. But kind of agree haha


    3 hours ago, FitzMagic said:



    3 hours ago, TheDoctor said:


    I'd look like a terrible athlete too if every run was the most basic dive play known to man. 

    Player News:

    "Montgomery continues to see RB1 usage on an elite snap rate, but the dude has the movement skills of a busted refrigerator and can't make defenders miss or break tackles. Relatively speaking, he's a terrible athlete at the position

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  10. 8 hours ago, ludawg23 said:

    In line for major snaps this weekend vs the Jets with Smokey out - could be a sneaky good play if you are in deeper leagues.


    5 hours ago, ST. STEVEN said:

    Yeah I am cautiously optimistic here.

    Just depends on what Allen shows up, the last 2 weeks he deep accuracy completely disappeared...but the Jets are prob a great elixir!

    I'm thinking about playing him in my flex(as a WR4) I'm just concerned the Bills won't have to throw much.

  11. 2 hours ago, JetsAwesome said:

    that's the question Patrick and Jeudy owners want to know.  i assume they move both around - I mean they are literally the top 2 pass catching options no Gordon, Fant or Hamler.

    Each WR should see a minimum of 8 targets, now what they do with them depends on the coverage but NE is bottom 10 against the pass overall, so in a game they'll have to throw one of the WR will feast , just not sure which one.

    Normally I would've never visited this thread but as a Brees owner forced to start Lock this week did so and just wanted to say thanks for this as it's given me a little more hope.

  12. 12 team non ppr 8 games of 30 by 10 or less and one game at 10.1

    Our league also does the 11-0 high score to low score point system to qualify for playoffs,so if that's included we had a game this week(mine) where I lost a point in overall standings because an owner scored 0.4 more than I did.

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