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  1. I'm leaning Browns as well,used them last season on week 2 against the Jets and survived,my biggest fear is getting cute two years in a row and surviving both. I'm in two pots and one is going to have Tampa for sure.
  2. I like that my personal punchline is Golladay and Stephen Gostowski
  3. BTW,I wasn't laughing at you but at the comment as anyone whose played this game long enough feels your pain.
  4. Actually I own Brees and Smith,our benches are quite deep in my 12 man league and Smith is my #6 WR
  5. Going back to August 27th Brees said the following Speaking in a Thursday radio interview, Drew Brees predicted a breakout season for third-year WR Tre'Quan Smith. “Tre’Quan Smith is a guy who I think is ready to really blossom and just explode in this offense," was Brees' full quote. Brees' words come five days after coach Sean Payton hinted at a bigger role for Smith after his lost 2019. Emmanuel Sanders' addition will make it tough for Smith to have a re-draft impact, but Dynasty league players should hold on for one more year if they can spare the roster spot.
  6. League 1 already won HTH but league is also a points based playoff format so 7 points from Gostowski would allow me to jump another owner whose squad is finished. League 2 need 30.2 from Conner,Dionte,Gostowski and Titans D other team is finished.
  7. I believe My Fantasy League is offering a free league set-up. A friend set up a one and done FF Playoff league $50 entry,owners can use any player but only once and they're no longer available.Totals points through the Super Bowl wins the pot.
  8. Never draft a Bruce Arians player unless their name is Evans or Godwin. QUIT being swayed by all these so called experts. Last minute line-up changes are not good unless it involves one of your players being deactivated.
  9. ANY player not named Godwin or Evans on a Bruce Arians coached team
  10. Cash league playoffs are a billion to one shot got a whopping $10 of my $210 entry back on ONE....ONE high score week and spent it on two FA moves trying to stay in the race.It's time to flush this turd of a team and try to enjoy Thanksgiving without football......OH and the real kicker,agreed to play in a free league with some out of state friends this year and will make the playoffs in that one..... for bragging rights
  11. Our league is -3 INT -6 pick 6 and 6 pt TD ,even with that he's still sitting at #14.
  12. It was ruining my day and attitude too so I flipped over to Home Alone 2 and was quickly reminded there are much more important things in life,like family and laughter.
  13. From Fantasy Pros Quarterback Streamer of the Week: Kyle Allen (CAR) vs. Atlanta Falcons I have never had Kyle Allen as my streamer of the week until now. You might be thinking that I am crazy for suggesting him because Drew Breesand the New Orleans Saints could not muster double-digit points against Atlanta. That was an anomaly. The Saints were not good, and Atlanta’s defense up until last week had been worse than bad. I think this game is going to be a very high-scoring affair. I got the chance to watch Allen against the Green Bay Packers where he almost won the game
  14. Jimmy G on my bench Thursday and now Duke today,I could be headed for the best bench score ever.
  15. Waiver? He's been stashed on my bench since draft night just in case this scenario played out and none too soon,I need something to finally go right.
  16. Ours is -3 per and even at that he still got me 19.3 last week.I decided early on with Evans and Godwin as weapons I'll take the good with the bad.
  17. I invested heavily on draft night in the 49er's,Jimmy G,Pettis,San Fran D and Shanahan(we start a coach each week).Last night was that kick in the gut game for me Jimmy and Pettis on the bench with the D starting.
  18. Nice call,wished I'd had the stones to do it.
  19. Oh the joy of getting to decide whether to start him or not,thanks to injuries and the like Terry has been locked and loaded for me since Sunday night.
  20. Ahead of schedule (RotoWire) Samuels (knee) was a full participant in Thursday's practice, Teresa Varley of the Steelers' official site reports. Analysis: When Samuels underwent a scope on his right knee earlier this month, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that he would be sidelined until November. The running back has changed that narrative coming off a Week 7 bye, however, as coach Mike Tomlin indicated that Samuels' ability to take all the reps during Thursday's session now likely sets him up to play Monday against the Dolphins "at least in a partial capacity," per Varley. Jam
  21. Sounds like you're right Packers coach Matt LaFleur said Davante Adams' (toe) Week 8 status could "go right up to game time." Adams was spotted stretching — his first work of any kind since suffering his turf toe injury on September 26 — in Green Bay's only portion of practice open to the media, but he was officially listed as a "did not participate" on Wednesday. With a few extra hours of rest available prior to Sunday night's kick-off in Kansas City, Adams is headed for a game-time decision. The Packers' wideouts were already hard enough to predict for fantasy with the sudde
  22. In doing some research I came across the following article and the author was suggesting adding Ty in week 3.It's a little long but a good read. Sometimes we miss the obvious. And in the case of Ty Johnson, this may indeed hold true. There is a lot you will find on Johnson, and I’m not here to rehash it all, but rather summarize for you, and try to put a bow on it. This isn’t a Draft Profile I normally do, but rather a recommendation for your Fantasy Football rosters, more specifically, your Week 3 Waiver Wire claims. If you don’t want to keep reading, the short version is I definitely t
  23. This and I'm hoping for an early decision on his status like the last few weeks as with it being the Sunday night game I can ill afford to wait until Sunday afternoon.
  24. Was watching some YouTube video on him and the following quote was in the comments section of one of the videos.Don't shoot the messenger just thought it was at least worth sharing. Matt Patricia said that his skill-set is not just speed because there's a lot of people in the NFL with speed he said Ty Johnson has an act for Ball Carrier Vision that is unteachable meaning his vision for the pocket and his explosiveness through the pocket is unteachable
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