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  1. Agreed,my rb's in a 12 team are Chubb,Duke,R Jones(fingers crossed) and Samuels.I was able to add Gallman by moving Jalen Hurd to my IR slot.
  2. I'm going to have to start checking out these threads of players I have no stock in,these last few pages have been quite entertaining.
  3. At least 9 more yards worth as that's what I lost my game by.
  4. Maybe they aren't playing FF but I wouldn't put it past some of those guys to do certain things to just mess with a bunch of FF geeks.
  5. Agreed and that plus that dip Rapaport's tweet was the reason I started him.
  6. Just my .02 but I think/hope that was more about Kitchens trying to rub the Jets DC Williams comments about OBJ in his face.
  7. After reading this and the rest of the discussion this is the first thing that popped into my head Mike Ditka, the fiery Da Coach, says this in a new book, "The '85 Bears," written with Rick Telander: "I realized after the game that Walter Payton didn't score. It bothered him and because it bothered him, it bothered me. "I asked Walter and he said it didn't bother him. I regret not giving him that honor. But we had a game plan, and he was the whole reason it worked, because wherever he went, the Patriots defense went. Later, I explained th
  8. In 3 pots mixed it up this week,Houston,Pitt and Balt
  9. BTW my apologies for whining as I just saw your location.......I can't even imagine what you were thinking/feeling on your blown call.
  10. I'm a KC homer too so the heartbreak of playoff losses has been frequent but that roughing the passer call was UNBELIEVABLE. So much so that I missed my first SB in over 30 years. That call deflated me.
  11. If Brady ever took a hit like this the field would be covered in flags,not to mention the special treatment(last year AFC Championship 2nd video) of a roughing the passer call on that
  12. I'm assuming I'm a bit older than the average posters here but what I don't get (and not just from a FF perspective) is what happened to the days when you fed an rb the ball and let him establish his rhythm.Granted,there are still a few but personally I think all this in and out of the game with 2-3 rb's is ridiculous.
  13. Actually the victims are those of us that bought into that dip Rapaport's tweet earlier tonight,now there's a guy that doesn't deserve a job in or around the NFL.
  14. Just got this from Bobby Sylvester at Fantasy Pros.Personally I read too much of this stuff but had not thought about the flu angle and am going to roll with Winston.I might as well admit it I want confirmation to start Jameis so I have someone to watch tonightAlso I didn't realize TNF tended to be higher scoring(always thought the opposite) and don't have time to look it up. Winston and the Bucs offense was sluggish last week against a mediocre 49ers defense, but much of that can be attributed to the fact that they were passing around the flu, which as you can imagine, would impac
  15. KC? Even as a Chiefs homer I wouldn't touch that game
  16. With the recent news that's a little hard
  17. Good to know Arians absolved Winston from 2 of the 3 picks Winston hopes to end 12 game road losing streak
  18. Based on the numbers I posted earlier he's averaged 265 yards 1 td and about 1.3 ints vs. Carolina in 7 games. Maybe your scoring is different than mine but I don't consider that tasty.
  19. So I went back and looked at his history vs. Carolina and FWIW here's the #'s 7 games 1859 yards 7 td's 9 int's To be fair 6 of those 9 int's came his first season playing them. Based on this and his performance Sunday I'm now questioning my previous statement.
  20. I went back and looked and since 2016 he's played in 5 of the 6 games tallying 476 yds and 6 td's One of those 5 he had a measly 29 yards but did score a td
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