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  1. He got in on the preseason fun last night at Arrowhead,the kid is definitely fast
  2. Jalen Hurd snared three-of-five targets for 31 yards and a pair of touchdowns Saturday in the 49ers’ preseason win over Dallas. If you started Hurd in preseason DFS, go collect your winnings. A former running back who transitioned to wide receiver late in his college career, Hurd got the scoring started for San Francisco by reeling in a 20-yard touchdown off a play-action bootleg from Nick Mullens. The rookie fought for his touchdown, shoving aside two would-be tacklers on his way to the end zone. Hurd capped the night with a go-ahead score in the fourth quarter, securing a slick back
  3. I had already been reading up on him and watching some college highlights as our draft was last night.I believe it was Shanahan who called him a Swiss Army Knife.Anyhow as i mentioned in the My Guys list thread I pulled the trigger on him last night in the 21st and final round of our 12 team draft.Being that we can keep 2 players a year(that count 3 rounds against us year to year) I'm hoping he ends up on my team for a few years.
  4. What's your opinion on Jalen Hurd? I'm asking because I took him in the 21st round last night of our 12 team league and we get two keepers a year that count 3 rounds against year to year.
  5. I think you'll find what you're looking for in the Pettis thread
  6. Agreed,it's also the reason we don't use HTH records to qualify for our playoffs,we use a point scale of 11(high) and 0(low) that are added together week to week based on how our teams do points wise.
  7. Our $200 entry league has to draft this Friday(earliest it's ever been) so we added 3 free roster moves that can only be used to replace an injured player and must be used before start of the regular season.I like your take on the advantages and have been cramming as much info as I can because when I first heard we were drafting this early I was not happy.
  8. I'm going way back but IMO a must see for anyone who loves the game,the character Joe Bob is
  9. I like being somewhere in the last few,this season I got the first pick in a 12 man and opted for the 9th slot.
  10. One of those performances that shows why many call him The Boss
  11. Don't forget all those bettors who had the Rams Moneyline
  12. No problem,your input is appreciated.I just feel like you still have to strategize in that if you don't draft well at all positions your WW options are very limited and WW adds and trades are $5 each once the season kicks.Agreed though every league has its own rules,heck we even have to roster two head coaches and you start one and if they win that week you get a 5 pt. bonus.
  13. I see your point however maybe I should clarify we have to roster no less than 4 rb's and get a flex draft spot as well which can be a 5th rb a 6th wr ,a 3rd qb or te.In other words 12 owners and 21 roster spots per,believe me the draft is a challenge especially in the latter rounds.
  14. In response to your confused reaction I'd have to mention that I've been a part of free or minimal entry Yahoo leagues where owners horde positions and I've played the way we do now and much prefer it as each owner's roster is required to carry X amount of each position thus evening out the competition and IMO putting a larger emphasis on the draft in making sure you do your best to secure quality at every position instead of playing keep away.
  15. You're welcome to your opinion,our league loves it.
  16. Our 12 man league has a rule that requires us to draft 2 defenses(we start one) this way owners can't horde other positions as they all too have a minimum/maximum number you can carry.Personally,I love it.
  17. We have to draft 2 QB's but only start one.The team I inherited IMO did not have many choices for my 2nd keeper and as far as I can tell most of the guys in our 12 man league are declaring one QB as a keeper.
  18. Derrius Guice said he was a full participant at practice on Thursday. This confirms coach Jay Gruden's Wednesday comments that Guice will be ready for camp. Guice said he felt great in the first day of camp, so his hamstring injury from earlier this month looks to be behind him. After an August ACL tear kept him on the sidelines last season, Guice will be competing for carries with Adrian Peterson. Source: Redskins on Twitter Jul 25, 2019, 2:14 PM ET
  19. I took over an existing team this season and had to declare two keepers(4th round picks or above),after looking my options over I opted for Winston in the 8th based on BA,contract year and schedule.Biggest concern for me other than using an 8th round is our league is -3 on INT's.
  20. I've already declared him as a 10th round keeper
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