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  1. Harden owner rejected the 3 for 1 offer. Crazy..
  2. Thanks for the input. Would you still take the Harden side if I had to include Brogdon in the deal? Harden for Kawhi, Beal and Brogdon. Keep in mind I don’t have a shot at the playoffs. Curry killed my chances this year.
  3. My other keepers would be Curry, Lillard and Brogdon or Klay if I traded Kawhi and Beal for Harden.
  4. All depends on your team but I’d prefer Kemba.
  5. Which side would you rather have in a 12 team keeper league. Keep 4. Harden for Kawhi and Beal
  6. I’ve made it to the finals, and now I have a tough choice of who to start in my 2 Flex spots. Pick 2 please! Landry vs Baltimore Slayton vs Washington McLaurin vs Giants Drake vs Seattle Thanks guys!
  7. Start Sammy Watkins vs Detroit or Marquise Brown vs Cleveland?
  8. Definitely do that deal. AB situation is bad
  9. Would you start Cooks vs Cleveland or Watkins vs Baltimore?
  10. Should I start Brown vs Arizona or Jones vs Minnesota in my flex? PPR 12 team.
  11. It looks like Rui could be starting for the lowly Wizards this season. I think he will be this years rookie to own, other then Zion of course. Thoughts on him?
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