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  1. Great! Give me your email and I will send you an invite....check it out and let me know if you have any questions. jim
  2. Great fun league! Draft - 8/28 (CBS Online) 10 teams / H2H / 2 divisions / 3 teams from each division make playoffs Standard HalfPPR scoring with premium points for yardage. Choice of 1 Keeper (Rd1-Barkley, Rd2-McAffrey, Rd3-Mixon) Dues ($175) / 1st ($640), 2nd ($400), 3rd ($240) ... Weekly High Points ($25)
  3. Hi: I saw your post and would like you to consider our league. FYI...this league is not LeagueSafe mainly because its been running for so long ... 20 years. As the other members will attest, I (the Commish) do the payouts immediately after the final playoff game. I do these generally through Paypal, but also by check if you prefer. Its a great league (no openings in many years) and I hope you will take a look. Thanks! jim
  4. Great opprtunity! We have an opening in a long time and competitive league. CBS OnLine Draft 8/28 (9:30pm ET, 6:30pm PT) 10 Team $175 w 100% Payouts for 1st ($640), 2nd ($400), 3rd ($240) ... Weekly High Points ($25) 6 Teams make playoffs (Weeks 14, 15, 16) Standard Half PPR plus Premium Points for yardage Choice of 1 Keeper (Rd1-Barkley, Rd2-McAffrey, Rd3-Mixon) Email me or reply here and I can send you a league invite. Jim Wiefel jimwiefel@gmail.com
  5. Longtime league has one opening... 10 Team / CBS / 8.28 Live Draft / $175 H2H / 13 week reg season / 6 teams make playoffs (wks14-17) / Premium points for yardage Payouts $640 (1st), $400 (2nd), $240 (3rd) PLUS Weekly High Points Send me an email and I will send you an league invite so that you can check out the rules etc. Thanks! jim
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