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  1. Yeah, just saw that. Should be Beebs vs. Giolito. I think McKenzie is getting the nod today for the Tribe
  2. The only real issue i see is lack of W's due to possible lack of run support from that offense. QS's could be aplenty though. Time will tell
  3. Didn't see a thread yet on him, mods please delete if duplicate. Two starts so far, 12.1 IP 2ER 11K.. is nasty Nate finally a must start?
  4. how can this Red Sox team be the same one that got swept by the Orioles!?
  5. You mean his only full season? The dude is 24 years old don't forget. We're 4 games into the season... patience my friend.
  6. I, too, am on the Eloy pain train as I own him in both my money leagues (and a free league as well). It's easier when cash isn't on the line, but its just one of those things that you have to manage. Its tougher when an injury happens without warning, like Eloy's, so its tough to prepare. Its even worse when it happens a week before opening day and most leagues' drafts are already completed. Stay active, keep conversation with other owners, because I've never met a fantasy manager in my life who thought their team was without flaw. In the case of dealing with unfortunate expensive injurie
  7. Agreed.. was saying this months ago when he was projected to go in the 8th round in most drafts and still got scoff for it. Thought they were insane to let 2020 impact his ADP and future production that much. If he can get his OF elig. back, and keep producing the way JDM should produce, he will be back inside the 3rd round next year.
  8. Tucker. Speed is getting thinner and thinner.
  9. Was a hard sit last night, and will be riding my bench until he can show me something more than he did last night. Tough outing.
  10. who in their right mind would drop Grisham? without knowing your league details, yes, I'd scoop them all if you can. You shouldnt need forum advice on whether or not to pickup grisham though lol
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