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  1. I mean, he is 33, is that old? Also, he posted career highs in RBI's and TB in 2018, along with 2 shy of his career best in HR's as well. Not like 2018 was that long ago..
  2. Writing off 2020 as a slump. The guy hasn't hit under 300 since 2015, with a 162gm avg of 90/34/107/.290. Take away 2020 and there isn't concern. Sure, 2019 was a slight decline off of his monster 2018 season, but I think he should still be a lock for 35/95/.295. If he is still on the board in the 6th/7th rounds (ESPN has his adp at 68 at this time) then I have no problem taking him around then.
  3. Depends.. if you think you have a shot this year, then go all in on Acuna. If youre on a rebuild and dont see a chip in your future until a few years from now, Anderson. Most cases I'd go Acuna though.
  4. considering you're in my league... I'll keep quiet on this one 😉
  5. Doesn't really help the situation as you could just add a pitcher from a non-6-man rotation.
  6. Before Rush comes in with the DROP ALL YOUR PITCHING post, I would go Woodruff over Randy in most situations.
  7. He's back guys.. To OP: I hate the word veto, and unless there is ABSOLUTE positivity of collusion, its a stupid veto... not even that bad of a trade..
  8. I agree with TBBT - that lineup will most likely look much different come opening day. However, I really don't hate it the way it sits right now. That rotation really isn't as bad as it first appears. I do agree that Godley will most likely take a rotation spot away from someone (Pivetta is likely). Production out of the heart of the lineup is the make or break. Guys like JDM, Bogey, and Devers NEED to produce to be able to support the guys at the top and bottom. Not having a true leadoff/get on base guy hurts that, but I think production is still quite possible. I'm very curious to see w
  9. I've actually never heard this.. what i hear all the time is a "162 game average" ... sure they dont mean this?
  10. I need 41 points by the Buc's D/ST.. FU Zeke, Golladay and Agholor.
  11. Sure, if you take a large sample size, aka, his entire career, and look at it as a whole, he has good career numbers so far. Did you own him in 2019? Did you pay a 1st/2nd round pick to have him SLUMP for 65% of the season? That is what i am referring to. I didn't say he isn't valuable, or that he isn't worth a pick, he can just be a headache for a good chunk of the year. Granted, after his 2019 slump, he mashed, but it took him 4 goddang months to do it. That's all im saying.
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