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  1. Yea, i figured as much. Hold on for the time being in my opinion.
  2. Its garbage and rainy/cold up here in CT so I would assume the Yankees and Red Sox home games have a question mark with them
  3. His peripherals have hinted at regression for awhile now
  4. Was going to ask what waiver SS's are available but I see it's a rather deep league. I would probably hold on to Swanson if it were me and absolutely not dangle Beebs. good luck
  5. Minter is not the guy to close out a nine run game.
  6. Which is a shame because they have a very good pitching staff and could be contenders with better bats.
  7. Was confused by his overly-optimistic projections/ADP heading into 2021.. his productive days seem long behind him.
  8. still just reported as hamstring "tightness". Fingers crossed it isn't anything more serious.
  9. umm...2009 - 2017. I guess 9 years of solid production with a few new MVP seasons doesn't qualify as "good". 2018 was still valuable going 30/85.
  10. Thanks all. Even though that leaves me thin at MI, i ended up taking the deal for Gallen.
  11. As much as I still love Snell, I would try to package him and an OF for Harp. That leaves you with still a solid staff and a big upgrade on the other end.
  12. I have McMahon.. honestly pretty set on not making any moves as I am well in the lead BUT i made it clear that I want Gallen.
  13. 10man 6x6.. who wins this trade? Ryan McMahon for Zac Gallen
  14. Good Lord he looked good last night, against a good CWS lineup. "The reigning AL Cy Young award winner threw 85 of his 113 pitches for strikes and induced 20 swings-and-misses while pushing his season strikeout total to 35 over 21.1 innings"
  15. Yeah, just saw that. Should be Beebs vs. Giolito. I think McKenzie is getting the nod today for the Tribe
  16. The only real issue i see is lack of W's due to possible lack of run support from that offense. QS's could be aplenty though. Time will tell
  17. Didn't see a thread yet on him, mods please delete if duplicate. Two starts so far, 12.1 IP 2ER 11K.. is nasty Nate finally a must start?
  18. how can this Red Sox team be the same one that got swept by the Orioles!?
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