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  1. After the top 4 hitters its bad SP staff is still pretty bad Relievers are crap if you remove Giles Next year they will be pretty badass with Groshans and Pearson with a full season
  2. They have no pitching they will go nowhere plain and simple. They need more than 1 big arm
  3. Albies is the best player on my team but I wanted to make a rebuild with O'neil Cruz who I think is the next BB Bonds and Darwinson Hernandez a top prospect and on TOP of that the best RP in the league in 2012 Craig Kimbrel I know Albies is good but he is only 1 man and Arrieta is a shell of his former shelf I give Albies and I get 3 pieces! THREE is better than 1 !
  4. I think I made an incredible deal for the future of my deal I give up Ozzie Albies Jake Arrieta I receive O'neil Cruz Darwinson Hernandez Craig Kimbrel What do you think ? Imo I win this deal and it's not even close, O'neil Cruz is majestic
  5. John Nogowski 1B STL if he gets expose in the rule 5 draft and goes to the AL "Across all full-season minor league affiliates in 2019, the list of the top three hitters in K%-BB% looked like this: 1) Nick Madrigal 2) Wander Franco 3) John Nogowski"
  6. The most I found about him was in french from a scout named Jasmin Roy saying that he is a true athlete and a future power hitter that might weight 220 pounds when he is physically mature ... The scout told that he was able to convince the Jays front office to draft him because Masson has a batting speed that they are not used to seeing at such a young age. Masson had the option to play in the Gulf Coast League or going to the Dominican Republic after the draft and he chose to go play in the DR
  7. Jean-Christophe Masson OF TOR the youngest player to ever be selected in the history of the MLB Draft at only 16 years old. he signed for a 300k bonus as a 26th round draft pick They have so much faith in him that they have included a fully paid scolarship if his career doesn't pan out.
  8. No stats above A ball but Bryce Ball 1B (6'6) ATL had a great season after the draft.
  9. Nick Neal 1B TOR 6'6 290 Pounds. A monster https://mobile.twitter.com/nathanrode/status/1094649619903062023 Édouard Julien INF Twins
  10. Look for Jimmy Govern INF KC A 30th round draft pick in the 2019 draft that jumped from Rookie Ball STRAIGHT to AAA ! Can't be deeper sleeper than that!
  11. Joe Kelly was garbage all year ... Being a MLB coach is overrated as f***kk
  12. Your season on the line with Joe Kelly ... Dave Roberts will never coach again lol
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