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  1. Exactly right - of course sometimes the blame is on the pitcher or catcher if they are pitching the batter away with the shift in place. I saw this happen in the game and not just to Sims. Peralta schooled them in this regard in his final AB.
  2. The reason I was thinking hamate is the area he was showing to the trainer when he first came out of the game...that plus it happened on a swing and in general it seems hamate (or other?) bone injuries are more common than wrist connective tissue issues when it's a result of a swing.
  3. Wonder if he is looking at a hamate situation.
  4. He is not commanding his slider nor the fastball so tipping or not, I think batters are sitting fastball waiting for a strike and doing damage. Not elite FB velo either. Major problems. Hopefully IL stint coming to perhaps sort him out...though the week off he took between 4/09 & 4/17 clearly did nothing.
  5. I see Hilliard's stats so far and I know it's the Rockies but WTF is Daza starting over Hilliard vs a RHP? And Daza is 2 for 2 with a HR so of course keep Hilliard glued to the bench or send him down. *sigh*
  6. Yeah - I wonder if his forearm injury from the spring is still a factor? Also he went 8 days between appearances and was maybe trying to sort things out with the pitching coach. It hasn't worked so far. He has never really passed the eye test and I regret rostering him based on (1) spring hype (3 IP 9 Ks to start as I recall), (2) his declaration that he is the closer and (3) how he was ranked by some sites. Next time, I will trust my own evaluation.
  7. Holding/starting. Optimistic vs the D-backs
  8. Hilarious. Yikes. But keeping the faith.
  9. I didn't notice any low 90s, just 94. That said, you could be right...or maybe he just needs to build arm strength back up after the brief injury and afterwards where he stopped throwing starter type innings in spring training.
  10. Starting as well and I DO feel good about it. He was great in his last start (Pirates, I know) but also in his last spring outing vs the Dbacks.
  11. Have to be patient in NL only but the way he looks, he could start losing AB's...could call up Greg Bird etc
  12. Yuascar Inoa looked great in his first start
  13. I'm scared. Plus when Ketel is back, he may be moved to 2B to protect his hamstring. I've been a fan of Rojas going all the way back to pre pandemic days but he has to hit right away and then mabye somehow get into the OF rotation when Marte and Calhoun are back. Seems like a longshot. But maybe he can get established while Marte is out...
  14. Neither is Hilliard. It's the Owings and Fuentes show with McMahon today and Hampson and Hilliard rotating in when someone goes cold? Or maybe just riding Owings hot hand (spring + opening day).
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