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  1. That's the stuff. Hate to reach for him next year but damn he's good.
  2. I'm a sucker for power-speed guys and I like his swing, so I am once again in on him. Willing to pay up in NL, deep, or OPB leagues (assuming he gets back to 10% BB%). His 2019 line was so good and he's fun to watch play.
  3. Yeah it seems like Patrick will still be the guy - Sutton role. But KC is good at limiting the deep ball this season so we'll see if he and Lock can put together a good game. Rollin' Ruggs over him due to the KC matchup, but Patrick seems like he has figured it out and will get targets if Lock has time.
  4. Oh yes - like over Daniel Jones in a Super Flex confident. Or maybe that's not saying much.
  5. Ravens blitz plenty and Wentz has been bad against it - plus continuing O line issues. Hard to start him with confidence but it feels like the Eagles will find a way to make it a close game.
  6. Yeah and if you get him now - you have him for 1 week without Bell. But you also assume all the risk that he loses significant touches later.
  7. Yes but if he doesn't have a productive game this week, it could be due to Wentz, the O line or the Ravens D. So no matter what he does this week (and I would bench him if you have similarly ranked options), I am holding and curious to see how he does in subsequent games.
  8. Yeah but over Wentz & Burrow. Feels like easy every week call.
  9. Agree, knowing there will be down games of course as he may not produce consistently. As for his health, I always wonder if the snaps will be fewer to ease him back in. Seems like that's the usual way for guys who have missed more than 1 week or so.
  10. I agree he seems hard to trust in his first game back. On one team, my choice is AJ or Gallup. Guessing game until we know if Brown is truly close to 100%.
  11. Added in 1 league in case McLaurin is out - or could flex him or Alie Cox for CEH if it looks like the KC game is off. Backup plans needed.
  12. From Ben Palmer with QBList: Gallup finally had an explosive game last week against the Seahawks, logging six catches for 138 yards and a touchdown on nine targets. But this week, I’m a bit concerned we’re going to see something closer to Weeks 1 and 2 Gallup instead of Week 3 Gallup. He’ll likely be seeing Terrance Mitchell in coverage who, so far this year, has allowed just a 36.8% catch rate (which is impressive to say the least), 94 yards, and a 70.9 passer rating against. If you’ve got a better option, I might avoid Gallup. Opposite perspective from Ian Hartitz with PFF:
  13. I tend to play him no matter what he did the week before -- as long as I trust that he is actually healthy. That's the tricky part and why I benched him in most leagues last week.
  14. Despite reports of his recovery training, I'd be surprised if he plays this year at full strength (which it would take to merit a good portion of the RBBC). But still worth a stash just in case.
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