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  1. The only bonus I can come up with is at least he's not in a late game
  2. I might be wrong but I think he's still held back by the stigma of in drafted free agent.
  3. I think eased in week 14 and in heavy share with Snell and back to normal 15 and 16.
  4. The Broncos qb situation was extremely unfortunate. But it was isolated The Ravens situation was in a position where it was unknown how bad it was and how unsafe it was to play. I don't like that guys that were going to be unavailable will now potentially play but its the lesser problem to playing with a possibly uncontrolled outbreak
  5. Roethlisberger and Ravens DST to score less than 32.6 on ppr
  6. I'm sure it's 10 days or 5 days with two consecutive negative pcr tests at least 24 hours apart. He's in with a shot of being available but it's on the not likely side right now
  7. I expect a full rbbc but it would be nice if Hill was to either take control or have the bigger share of the committee.
  8. If he plays no. He's only second year but he's so important to Washington I wouldn't be surprised if he's moved to veteran rest day status.
  9. Possibly. Its like a less worrying Joe Mixon lack of clarity.
  10. We're sure it won't be corrected later? Would win my match if it stands
  11. 0.6ppr from Evans now. Almost there but this would be a sickening 2020 way of kicking me in the groin.
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