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  1. I was all in on him too. What I think happened is that his pluses were not as expected and his minuses were worse. He was hyped because of his ability to make people miss and break tackles. While he did show some of this, it turns out that breaking the tackle of an NFL defender is quite a bit harder than a college defender. His limitation was a lack of athleticism, speed, and quickness. This showed up in spades this year. He had trouble running outside and, outside of that 55 yarder, could not really take advantage of big holes that other NFL rbs do. Instead of getting 30 yds get like 1
  2. Dunno. Didn't look too bad. He was pointing to it on the sideline but I don't think he was slow to get up.
  3. He has zero touchdowns. There has to be regression. This is the week. Sorry guys. Was wrong. Last week wasn't the week. THIS is the week. 3 TD's. Book it.
  4. I didn't see it but the Finley pass that put Auden Tate on a stretcher has been referred to as a hospital ball. If it was, that would seal the deal for me if I were AJ. No way I'm gonna play.
  5. After what he did against Chris Harris, I'm just going to lock him in my lineup ROS (after the bye). On pace for 1280 yards and 9 tds. The variance is rough, but there's no argument that he was a good draft pick and currently outperforming his projections. Gonna have to live with the boom or bust, as you don't want him on your bench when he booms.
  6. Just for the record, I have been in camp McCoy all season. Check my posts. Nothing to do with that.
  7. He has zero touchdowns. There has to be regression. This is the week.
  8. Disagree. Having Damien skip 2 practices when they are fighting for a playoff spot, just to "save face"? No way. Benching McCoy and then afterward saying some b.s. to save face actually does make sense. They took the action that they wanted (benched McCoy), then covered it up. I see no way that they told Damien to skip practice because they planned on benching him. That's basically what you're implying and it makes zero sense. They can have him practice, bench him, and have him prepared to play if necessary. They can tell the media whatever garbage they want, as they obviously
  9. The point is this, as someone else mentioned - If they wanted to do what they did to McCoy (bench him but not embarrass him by making an excuse for it), they would not have Damien skip practice. Even if their plan was to hand the reins back to McCoy, they would want Damien prepared for the game in case McCoy got hurt or something. He needs to know the game plan. They could make any old excuse for going back to McCoy. The fact that Damien wasn't at practice at all means that there really is a personal issue going on.
  10. Horrible take. These guys have personal lives too. He very likely has some sort of tragedy in his personal life to tend to, like a death in the family, than some game the chiefs are playing to get mccoy more PT.
  11. Do we think AJ is really going to be that good if he comes back? He's got a rookie qb throwing him the ball and the line stinks. I remember holding Josh Gordon for like 11 games and when he got back, he was just ok. There's no guarantee AJ comes back and puts up 150 and 2tds. On this team, with this qb and line, he's gonna be like 60 yds a game. I'd drop him and not look back. The odds of it panning out are so slim now. Not only does he have to play, first of all, but he's gotta play out of his mind and overcome his terrible situation.
  12. Yeah. If he plays I think 12 to 15 touches for 40 to 60 yards. Gonna need a td to have a good game.
  13. Fair enough. I still think it's ridiculous to carry Terry if you're not gonna start him against the jets, unless you have 3 wrs in the top 20.
  14. There's no way a town like Pittsburgh would accept kaep as their qb.
  15. Read my whole post. I said if you have very deep wrs then a bench makes sense.
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