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  1. To add: NAW / Kira Lewis. Robert Williams III Patrick Williams Kuzma
  2. Stewart. Spurs Players especially Derrick White, Dejounte and Keldon. Clippers players especially RJax, Terrance Mann and Marcus Morris OG Anonuby Fred Vanvleet. That is all what i can think of as of now.
  3. I think they are anticipating that Siakam would leave via trade and Flynn will be their point guard long term.
  4. mine is 1. Joker - Will still be no. 1 fantasy player this coming season IMO. 2. Curry 3. KD 4. Luka 5. Harden 6. Giannis 7. Towns 8. Lillard 9. PG 10. AD 11. Tatum 12. Beal 13. Trae 14. Bam 15. Embiid 16. Lbj 17. Saboner 18. Shai 19. Spida 20. Vuc 21. Butler 22. Irving 23. FVV 24. Ayton
  5. For me AD Embiid and Kyrie were drafted high. PG and Luka should be a first rounder for me. Kyrie and Jimmy Buckets should slide in the 2nd. Shai is missing. Ayton is also missing for me Cp3 and Capela should be in the 3rd round at best. Thats about it for me. I think But still. Good picks.
  6. Is it just me for i wanted IT to land a contract again in the NBA? Especially after that 81 and the emotional video over twitter and other social media platforms. I think he deserves a spot in the NBA.
  7. This is really an awful trade for me. Wonder who will play the 4 spot and how their defense will look like? (This is for the Bulls) for SAS. We all knew that the Primo pick was indeed a start for a rebuild. If they would like to win now then they should have gotten someone like Duarte or Jones.
  8. No i think, as long as he can play alongside Stew, he did it playing alongside Bam and Christian Wood without sacrificing some value from them.
  9. Honestly thought the Wiz won this trade. They sacrificed one of their best players for depth. If they could acquire a decent point guard from the Free agency then they could be a playoff team. Maybe a lower seeded team tho. Imagine.. Dinwiddie (assuming he will sign as there were rumors he is intrigued on signing with the Wiz from twitter) / A. Holiday Beal / KCP / Kispert Kuzma / Troy Brown / Bonga Hachimura / Bertans / Todd Bryant / Gafford / Harrell. That is a decent squad for me...
  10. Uhm i somewhat disagree here. The Suns right from the opening tip were the more aggressive team. Holiday and Middleton tend to rely on outside shots with Giannis doing most of the attacking. And also that Lopez switch especially in the first half gave Booker and Paul some good shots and Free Throws.
  11. On a side note. RJax was ballin during the playoffs. Hope he could secure the bag this summer 🔐🔐🙏🙏 ill draft the guy most likely.
  12. Detroit going to be something in the near future, With Hayes, Cade, Bey, Grant and Stewart plus good support group like Josh Jackson, Cory Joseph and Mason Plumlee. Hope Troy Weaver doesn't mess this up.
  13. Am i the only person here thinking that the Hawks might upset the Bucks for this series? I think the Hawks' should win now because of their core. Huerter and Collins might be RFA's (not quite sure) this offseason. So if there will be a chance for them to make it, it should be now.
  14. I do not know why but i do like the Hawks chances of making the ECF.
  15. I think Jae and Tyler (who underperformed) were crucial pieces during the bubble last year that they missed this playoffs. Kelly was really doing well as a compliment to Bam before the VO trade. Hope the VO trade will return some dividends next season.
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