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  1. I'm interested if you do start it @mharoldsn
  2. PPR I trade Le'Veon Bell I receive Jonathan Taylor My RB's are D Henry, J Conner, T Coleman and B Scott. WR's are D Adams, C Kupp, AJ Green, Hollywood Brown, and then slower bench players. I think that, even if Bell doesn't put up great numbers, he will have a reliable floor each week. It will probably take J Taylor several weeks to establish dominance in the backfield, but he may take it over completely like CEH did last night and so I'm torn on this trade! Someone please help me think this through!
  3. @ciphasound I joined but Idk where to pay the league due. link??
  4. @butlerbeatpitt15 I joined. how are we paying league dues and when is draft time?
  5. @ciphasound think It will happen tonight? and OP just means superflex basically right? plus how do the two flex positions work? buy-in?
  6. Looking to join a league(s) tonight for $25-$100 Buy-in, with Full PPR in a Snake redraft format. I will consider keeper leagues. Emlarson@uark.edu
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