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  1. Have the third pick in a half PPR 10 team league. I am assuming CMC and Cook go 1-2 (they are at the top of pretty much every ranking list I have seen). I am currently leaning towards Henry at 3 since the only real knock against him is that people think his production has to go down at some point. Elliott - would probably go with him at 3 if Dak were healthy. The uncertainty around Dak's health at this point has me a little nervous Kamara - uncertainty at QB has me a little nervous about him as well Who do you think should go at 3 and why?
  2. Go with Dionte he has been solid even with lots of mouths to feed
  3. PPR Usually have Kupp in the lineup but Fuller has been performing well and has outscored Kupp this season.
  4. PPR Who is the better start against JAX this week?
  5. I would do this. Carson situation could get interesting given Dallas was decent against a good defense last week. The fact that you have Dallas helps. Carson also may definitely not play again this week (sounds like he is not going to test the injury until Friday). You can also start Gio until Mixon is healthy.
  6. PPR Logan Thomas Robert Tonyan Trey Burton Jordan Reed (may not play this week but could stream the other SF TE)
  7. Williams and galloday for sure imo Toss up between woods and aiyuk. Aiyuk could have big game would lean towards him bc of upside on the match up
  8. Close but i would go with Gio. Weather in cincy could give him some more looks
  9. I just plugged Goedert into my lineup. I think you have to if he plays
  10. Half ppr Would have to drop Edwards to pick up Dallas. I like Dallas if other SEA RBs are ruled out but they have a 4:25 game and Edwards plays at 1
  11. Half PPR 10 team league Rough week for me at the position. Looks like Ingram will not play this week which makes Edwards more interesting. Unfortunately would probably have to drop Moss to pick up Edwards. My other RBs: Carson (hurt, don't think he's going to play); Ekeler (IR); David Johnson (bye); Le'veon Bell (have to start him); Gibson (bye)
  12. PPR Feel like both these guys have more potential than what they shown. Both are FA in my 10 team league and I have room to pick up one. I also have Will Fuller but he has mostly been on my bench. Other WRs are Hill, Kupp, Ridley, and Lamb
  13. PPR Was going to go with Singletary (TEN) but now I'm worried that game won't get played Tuesday. Also looking like Moss will play. Now leaning McKinnon vs MIA. Kelley is at NO
  14. Burrow (vs JAX) Stafford (vs NO) - Lattimore may not play for NO Goff (vs NYG) Would have to drop a player (which is not a real problem) but will probably want to just roll with Brady unless the difference is that big with any of the others.
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