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  1. Bears Def. is going thru growing pains, plus lose a QB pain. They will or should fix it
  2. My first time since the days of using a board and doing it on the patio. That was so much fun, a bunch of guys getting drunk, picking players and the one guy who has no clue. To my question, holding my own in this league but want to prepare a little more for the end of season if I make the playoffs. I dont feel it is the same league, resting players more. I would not want a team built of Brady, NE Def. and other players that are on great teams and locked for playoffs... Thoughts ? What have others found late ? I notice it too on DK and always those flyer WR that score 35 points
  3. Tough one, like Baltimore coming off of bye, Fells as with so many wont post back to back... Had to Dump Henry after his injury, only had one IR spot and it went to the TyFreak.. If anyone is going to slow down NE this will be the game. At home, pumped up.... Gonna stick with Andrews, but tough one to pull
  4. Deebo.... will be #1 receiver on this team... Sometimes a player just wants to be better than guys with more talent. Think this is deebo. He played against great Cover corners for years at SC. Always drawing the best of Alabama, LSU, Florida... etc. SF Defense will help this team, if healthy maybe a playoff spot...
  5. Reid will by personal friendship not put a workload on shady unless he begs for it... Dami. will get all the punishing yards
  6. Reid will take his time with shady... Think he wants him playoff peaking... Then they both sign multi year deals and produce nothing...
  7. If Dam. and McCoy are kicking it through the season splitting time and Murray shows he can backup. Come week 13 and a N.O. loses Kamara while 10-3 ? What would N.O. give for Dam... Obviously that is an insane type of example. I know how people, especially young guys feel about McCoy. The Quitting moniker... That is over hyped... Take it from a washed up Electrician. I am over 50 and body destroyed from it. Luckily I was smart enough in my late 30s to start something that changed my life. Body is still destroyed.
  8. Brilliant move by KC, play keep away.. Save your RB's and destroy the AFC in Playoffs. Someone will need a RB later in the year and you can land a good Def. player or early round pick. Dont forget the "SUPER BOWL Drive in guys like McCoy". He gave up in Buffalo... yards after hit were low because he was not willing to abuse his body for a 4-12 team.
  9. Think everyone on that team falls some, Def. too. Hope the kid from Mississippi can step up after a few games, he throws a nice ball.
  10. Just a guy with a bad body that does not heal quickly. Ad in a little different / educated personality and you get this. We love Fantasy, and Football, really, it should be way down on our list of importance in the real world. And there it is, right above mine, "a coward" sure he is... It took more guts to do what he did then to sit on the bench and pretend to care. People put their own situation, OWNING HIM in a league before the guys life. Amazing how Obtuse and out of touch with reality people have become in this world of "give ME ME ME more more more.
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