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  1. And finally some love. Fangraphs recently made him a 35+, with no details. Now at 40 with 65/65 power. Lol. We have the power! H
  2. Lol. Sorry. This is a BASEBALL team/league for those of you checking in. Thanks! H
  3. Deep dynasty league. I took over a team with open minor league spots. I can take two of the below to fill in. Thanks for any advice tahnaj Thomas jeisson rosario gregory santos jose siri wenceel Perez thank you! H
  4. I JUST joined a league taking over a team that’s not great, so I’m looking to improve. I got this offer less than 12 hours after taking over the team. I’m sure I won’t accept, but what are your thoughts on this? (16 team league, 38 rostered, 25 minors, weekly lineup. Start 1 at each position, 2 DH. 6 SP and 3 RP). I’ve been told based on this leagues point system that pitching can be very valuable. H2H league) i get jarred Duran, Michael Lorenzen, Gabriel Arias, Felix Hernandez, Mauricio Dubon, George Springer, Renata nunez i give up Miguel Andujar, nick Gordon, Luis Severino, Arnoldis Chapman, Jameson Taillon. Your thoughts are appreciated! (And I think this guy is a yankee fan, so I can def get more, but I would like to hear from far more knowledgable people on here!) thanks! H
  5. Only reason I drafted daz Cameron. lol.
  6. I was literally just searching for info on him. I’m in a dynasty league and drafted him in February. Not much info on him, but having a pretty good stats year (yes. With K Issues. But is that even as big of a deal as it was even 5-10 years ago?). Thanks for posting! H
  7. Vaughn will be nice if I can get him in the new players draft in feb, but for now, he’s not grabbable. lol. H
  8. Thanks in advance for any help/advice. Need to drop some of these guys for our draft in January dynasty league, 10 teams, 85 man roster batters OBP, NSB, r/hr/rbi pitchers ERA/whip/Ks/QS/SVs who should I def keep and who should I def drop? beau burrows Riley pint Blake Rutherford Kyle Lewis Tyler Stephenson nick neidert Andrew knizner. Luis Alexander basabe. Seuly matias. Yu Chang. Taylor widener. Ive done some research and these guys are on my “bubble”. Any insight into any of them is appreciated! H
  9. Lol. 10 teams, 45 max MLBers. It’s not terrible, but there are some stinkers because of positional depth. SVs, SBs and any production at catcher are all tough to come by. H
  10. Awesome. Thanks for the info! H
  11. My apologies. Just joined last night, still getting used to posting in particular threads. I couldn’t find an appropriate post to reply to that seemed right, so I made a new topic. Sorry about the “too much” info, I tend to over explain things in the hope that context helps with more informed responses! Where/how should I post this (in a more concise post)? Thanks! H
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