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  1. 48.7% FG% (208/427) 42.3% 3P% (91/215) 86.8% FT% (33/38)
  2. https://kingsherald.com/articles/tyrese-haliburtons-shooting-growth-is-insane/ 49.5% FG, 44.2% 3pt, 81.0%FT
  3. This place will be a desert within a few months.
  4. 20 games in? Sure. Fits the whole hot take culture we have going on here.
  5. Welcome to Rotoworld, home of kneejerk reactions, sprinkled with 'dropcities' and 'run, dont walks' and other empty calorie comments.
  6. Also, Haliburton might not start, but he's finishing. If you check the rotations, you'll also notice how he's playing against a lot of units which have mostly starters.
  7. [Anderson] Kings rookie Tyrese Haliburton is No. 1 in the NBA in offensive rating (142.4). Richaun Holmes is first in FG% (.692) and fourth in TS% (.723). The Kings have moved up to 11th in pace (102.17).
  8. Not sure. I like Collins, but especially last year, their game was a lot about putting up gaudy stats and not about winning. I'm not sure if Collins would put up much better stats than he did last year with most teams.
  9. I'd say, stats wise, you could look at his statistical output as something of a hybrid between rookie Malcolm Brodgon and, funnily enough, rookie Eddie Jones, his big cousin. The high efficiency combined with good steals numbers (they will come) is fantasy gold. I think my model which I shared the output of on page 1 might have been really close to a correct prediction, only the minutes are relatively low in that one - which is basically the only thing I could be ******** up, myself here.
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