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  1. 48.7% FG% (208/427) 42.3% 3P% (91/215) 86.8% FT% (33/38)
  2. https://kingsherald.com/articles/tyrese-haliburtons-shooting-growth-is-insane/ 49.5% FG, 44.2% 3pt, 81.0%FT
  3. This place will be a desert within a few months.
  4. 20 games in? Sure. Fits the whole hot take culture we have going on here.
  5. Welcome to Rotoworld, home of kneejerk reactions, sprinkled with 'dropcities' and 'run, dont walks' and other empty calorie comments.
  6. Also, Haliburton might not start, but he's finishing. If you check the rotations, you'll also notice how he's playing against a lot of units which have mostly starters.
  7. [Anderson] Kings rookie Tyrese Haliburton is No. 1 in the NBA in offensive rating (142.4). Richaun Holmes is first in FG% (.692) and fourth in TS% (.723). The Kings have moved up to 11th in pace (102.17).
  8. Not sure. I like Collins, but especially last year, their game was a lot about putting up gaudy stats and not about winning. I'm not sure if Collins would put up much better stats than he did last year with most teams.
  9. I'd say, stats wise, you could look at his statistical output as something of a hybrid between rookie Malcolm Brodgon and, funnily enough, rookie Eddie Jones, his big cousin. The high efficiency combined with good steals numbers (they will come) is fantasy gold. I think my model which I shared the output of on page 1 might have been really close to a correct prediction, only the minutes are relatively low in that one - which is basically the only thing I could be ******** up, myself here.
  10. I think he meant change of scenery for Bagley and Walton might help the Kings.
  11. Vivek, but I'm not sure if he plays fantasy basketball. Matter of fact, he probably thinks / approaches the NBA as a fantasy league.
  12. I get that. And even though it was expected that this draft would probably produce some very good role players, it's exciting to see Haliburton, Quickley and also Maldeon playing such an advanced game. All three could/should be good starters in the league soon.
  13. Hali. My favorite player in this class - Quickley maybe second. So there's that, but Haliburton has shown to be capable of racking up steals much more than Quickley. Both have good value in dynasty leagues though.
  14. I think they're already approaching Bagley as a supporting player instead of building block. He probably can be had for a decent offer, like Devonte Graham type of value. That's also a name which is being floated among Kings fans as a potential trade piece - they're clearly moving on from him as fans. Vivek might be a bit slower in that aspect. Short history of Kings Lottery picks since 1990: Draft year Round Pick Player College/High School 1990 1 7 Lionel Simmons
  15. He played off the ball mostly in college, but when he played on the ball he showed he was a very capable, albeit somewhat impatient, passer and playmaker. If Calipari would've played him at PG and showcased him a bit more, like he probably would've been at Kansas, where he initially signed, he probably would've been a lottery pick. He's a great ISO player, has great slashing ability and handles the ball really well, so saying he is very uncomfortable as a PG is nonsense, but we all know about your Ray Charles impersonations. What is actually remarkable is how well he handles being a PG in the
  16. I'm seeing some Chauncey Billups in him. Quickley is just so smart about the way he moves and his positioning. Don't see much of a comparison with Haliburton tbh. I'm also seeing some Ron Artest in him, and that's a mix of the face plus the way he walks/runs.
  17. Yeah, you're talking nonsese. You might need to start reading and stop posting around here.
  18. "Jarred Vanderbilt is Very lanky and thin for C position" but posts twice a day propping up Chris ******** Boucher. You sir, are a fraud and represent everything what makes these boards laughable as a source of info/input.
  19. "Immanuel Quickley does not pass the eye test"
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