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  1. Jarred is, and always has been one of the best rebounders in the nation. In college he was ranked #1 on the offensive boards and top 20 on the defensive boards. He's a monster rebounder, and here's JormaJormala, who has a history on totally unfounded and ill-informed posts, claiming Vanderbilt is a mediocre rebounder. Calipari on Vanderbilt: ‘You can be the best rebounder in the world' 'Jarred Vanderbilt leads the Summer League in Rebounds' De’Aaron Fox: Jarred Vanderbilt is ‘the best rebounder I’ve ever seen’ 'The first thing that jumps off the screen, and cons
  2. I'll just leave it here, but aside from the boards being devoid of decent content, much like the site itself, it is quite rapidly becoming toxic as hell with how people talk about players.
  3. Different coach and game played by the team. People are oversimplifying the game.
  4. Don't go wishing for a players injuries. Especially not when the guy you're betting on misses even more games each year.
  5. Its a shame Randolph sustained that injury a week or so ago... He was doing so well.
  6. Brooks is letting OPjr go off and the Bulls score 107 points over 3 Quarters, yet refuses to play Bonga this game. Crazy,
  7. Blazers are playing differently this year on offense. Beating the Blazers in the playoffs always follows the same recipe: trap Dame and trap him hard. His weakness is passing out of double teams, and the Blazers simply didn't have a plan B. They're now focused on getting the team used to having Dame play off the ball more. CJ is running plays, and even though he is a great ballhandler, he's not a great creator. Furthermore, the P&R between Dame and Nurk was incredible over the past seasons, and they don't run that play now as often, whereas Nurk is now dealing with CJ and to a lesser degre
  8. I think Bane is the long term starter over Brooks.
  9. Dont underestimate the effect of Portland playing/testing new offense where Dame plays off the ball and a new defense. Both are sorely needed but Nurk, who had been terrific in the P+R with Dame, but much less with CJ or Ant, will need some time to adjust with a short offseason/preseason.
  10. I'd say it's time for you to find your own place to live then. However, on topic. Dillon Brooks isn't a player you want starting - simply ask Memphis Grizzlies fans. He puts up some scoring stats each year, and him saying he wants to be in the running for DPOY is one of the most laughable things I've heard from NBA players recently. It's like Bismack Biyombo saying he wants to lead the league in scoring. Matter of fact - if the Grizzlies are serious about winning, they're already considering upgrades at Brooks' position, in order to minimize his role to a bench scorer. .
  11. Tell that to the dude with almost a 1:1 Ast:TO ratio and a Stormtrooper shot selection. 😁
  12. Nuggets are missing Grant and Craig a lot. Their overall lack of D is getting exposed right now. Playing MPjr and Barton more doesnt solve the issue. Barton also has had quite a few airheaded plays again, handling the ball.
  13. Like I said, I saw some flashes of Eddie Jones in college on defense. He plays very mature. I think my model might actually come closer than I thought...
  14. The type of content people come to rotoworld for.
  15. The new Eddie Griffin / Anthony Randolph / Terrence Jones for Rotoworld in chronological order.
  16. Since half of your posts is in the line of 'drop city boys?' I'm going to ask a few things: - do you know the AC forum? - what value do you expect a top 160ish player to have this season when he's out for the season. - can we stop the dumb a** 'drop city' thing already?
  17. I like him. Underrated asset, fantasy output should be reminicent of a Rashard Lewis type.
  18. You didnt mention him before tonight either? Roby was a cut candidate and many OKC fans expected him to be gone. Not only injuries held him up, he also looked outof place during a lot of minutes he was on the court, even so in preseason. He did have a nice game this preseason though. He flashes a few nice moves every now and then. He's got a nice allround game but isnt great at anything, just all round skilled and good agility. He'll also insert some boneheaded plays every now and then but the effort is there. He's a good passer as well, just not very disciplined. Shooting is meeeh a
  19. Reddit is a good source. The hot takes and ignorant 'drop city' or 'bum a**' are posts you generally see often early in the season. Lot of casual managers who'll disappear throughout the season.
  20. Really hard to root against this guy. He's had a lot of people doubt him and has fought some nasty injuries along the way. He should get a good contract next year, deservingly so.
  21. My mention of Bol Bol and Hart was not related to Barton - just that they were horrible. You can jump high and low, but Barton has been most efficient as a bench player, both for him as for the team - they need his play with that bench unit. I also like MPjr's effort on defense this season (so far) which makes me believe he's an even better fit with the first unit. Especially as long as Murray is somewhat struggling. I have been 'actually' watching Denver games a lot, as a matter of fact I was at Pepsi center the last game they played with a crowd last season ... so there's
  22. Jokic also rolled with that unit. But more importantly, what 2nd unit was Harden rolling with when the Nuggets ran up that score? Bruno, Sterling and a couple of generic 2K generated players. +/- boxscore checking is too lazy without looking into actual game dynamics. Barton is fine coming off the bench, and, barring injuries, that has been his role. Hartenstein and Bol Bol were horrible btw.
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