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  1. Good. Let them 'run it', they are the ones creating value. You must be a big NFL/College fan.
  2. Pacing. My bad, literal translation from my mother tongue. Point being, you're probably not aware of Haliburtons strengths and what makes him a good player, since you're wishing for stuff he isn't and shouldn't strive to be.
  3. He's not gun shy. He's extremely smart about his positioning, temporization and shot selection. Thats part of what makes him really good. If that other stuff is what you're looking for I got a barely used Terry Rozier right here for you.
  4. Btw this doesnt only go for Vandy, but also for a dude like Culver: I really dont like the development the Wolves are showing. And a lot of that is on the team, which is allowing, maybe even forcing, younger players to do stuff they shouldnt and are probably not comfortable with. Look at the shots a developing scorer like Culver is taking. Look at how Vanderbilt is bringing the ball up at the wrong moments. I dont belive in Saunders as a coach.
  5. I had him as one of my break out players before the season started. However, when you lose out to Juancho and Layman as a PF, its a bad look. Yesterday he finally got some run and even though he is a good rebounder and passer, he somehow looked totally out of place. He offers very little offense and didnt play a lot of team ball (although the ast numbers might indicate otherwise). I dont expext him to make much noise unless he takes a big leap in development.
  6. You the one that sent that offer, right? Zion is high FG%, PTS, decent REB, but hurts your FT%, BLK and TO bad. No threes either. Als have to see what he does in STL. Doubt they'd let KAT go back in with a broken wrist.
  7. Dude drew 3 charges on Giannis. Hard to do if you're a dumb player!
  8. Seems you're right. Doubt it's a hip pointer then? Didnt notice anything obvious which could have led to it earlier on. Knicks totally collapsed in second half btw.
  9. What helps, is that hes playing off the ball. Last year he and Graham shared ballhandling responsibilities, this year its Graham, Hayward and Ball.
  10. The full Barton experience for Denver in this game. He's an elite roleplayer and hurts a team when he tries to do much. Evaluate him as such.
  11. I'll just go ahead and ask it again. How many rookies have been deserving of minutes over the past two decades? And while were at it- how many lottery picks did the Spurs have over that span? How many rookies are actually fantasy relevant altogether? I have the answers, but curious to see if you make the connection here.
  12. Because of a tip in? You believe that single tip in would make Walton think differently? Jeez. There's a whole game of Hield sucking before that tip in to review, and even then - enoigh minutes for both of them, since they play entirely different games/roles. Worry about CoJo in a contract year if you want to sweat about the, frankly, thin backcourt rotation in Sac.
  13. This is the moment when it seemed to happen: At first I read it was a non contact injury - which probably would be scarier, but reviewing that play, it looks like Holiday landed on Qyickleys hip with the rebound. I think it's usually 2-3 weeks to get back to full health?
  14. Hold. Was pulled because of hippointer. Will be playing lotd of minutes soon.
  15. PJ wasnt in good shape a week ago... And once again, its not based off of one game. But go ahead and bend the narrative however you want to. Its also not that hard to like a player more than Bridges...
  16. I love Keldon. But Keldon is not the guy Vassell owners need to watch, its Lonnie.
  17. You pick the three best ones and I didnt even mention Duncan, I listed 15-20 names by looking at every Spurs rookie drafted since Duncan. I pointed out that simply stating that Pop doesnt play rookies is false. What are you even trying to say with that nonsense?
  18. Really impressive defense on Leonard this game. Should've gotten more minutes. ot: Gasol looked baaaaaad, Kuzma looked baaaaad and Harrell doesn't fix that for them obviously. Players are going to keep driving against that frontline.
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