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  1. Okogie was hoooorrrrrrible on defense this preseason. Culver actually looked really decent on offense but his usual good defensive self as well... I'd keep anything Okogie has shown as far as possible from Culver. 😁
  2. He did. But the poster I quoted acted like Culver's D was weaker than his offense and as if Okogies defense has been better than Culver's. Okogie might actually drop out of the rotation if he doesnt step it up.
  3. Not sure in which topic but I shared an overview of +/- 15-20 rookies who have seen good run under Pop after they drafted Duncan. They play rookies when theyre good and ready. The narrative is tainted due to the Spurs almost never drafting in the lottery. If I remember which topic, I'll quote it here.
  4. Hunter doesnt really have a fantasy friendly game, in that he is better in real life than in fantasy games.Reddish also offers much more upside.
  5. Not sure what you've been watching. Culver's offense has been horrible, although he has looked a bit better in preseason. Last year was ROUGH. His defense has been good. Okogie's offense was bad as well, but defense was good last year. However he has been looking horrible on both ends this preseason. By combining those two right now, you'd just get Jarrett with a Nigerian last name but same game.
  6. Nope no worries. Frank Williams was let go. Probably small mistake by Yahoo team.
  7. More on Quickley: “You could say that about every player in the roster. But he’s done a really good job. When he’s been on the floor, the team is functioning extremely well. We’ll talk about it as a staff and move forward there. He got our attention in practice. And if you practice well, you usually play well,” Thibodeau said. “Nothing is ever set in stone. The one thing that you do understand is that you gonna need everybody over the course of the season. The important thing, just like what Quick has shown us, he didn’t play in the first game. But he didn’t change his approach. So w
  8. CoJo looked horrible. The guard rotation in Aac isnt actually all that deep. They do love Guy though.
  9. Will start a bunch of games this year. The idea that Killian Hayes was a top lottery talent and Maledon was only worth to be picked ~27 picks is still hilarious. Dude plays extremely smart and Zvezdan Mitrovic might actually have prepped his game to translate into a sizeable role for the Thunder rather quickly.
  10. Love him. Should be in the rotation from day one. Already passed Lonnie Walker, and brings something the team could use. Handle looks better than advertized and quick hands and defense are translating seamlessly. Pop likes him a lot, too, and he's looked like one if the best players on the floor during some of the games. I am expecting more minutes and better production than my initial predictions had. Should be a valuable wing for years to come.
  11. I dont think a week will be enough to get back in shape. PJ looks hella sluggish so far. He moved his feet too slow, and that was the case at PF somewhat last year as well, even though he is a natural 4, as is Miles Bridges, in the NBA. I know Borrego has been praising him for how he looked during the 2 week scrimmage camp, but he has also admitted PJ looks horrible right now. He's constantly in spots where he shouldnt be on defense and has no way to recover. There are some things he'll learn, like not trying to pick up guards too early and defending too far out. On offense hes still tryi
  12. I think KZ has the inside track to start, but I like Precious' upside more.
  13. And so did Nash after he left Phoenix and their system. Even if he still had MDA.
  14. Been reading that as well, even before last game (Which is why I think Precious could be interesting in dynasty formats sooner than expected). He was somewhat disappointing in college as a soph - I was high on him after his freshman season. His slump late in his soph season (9/39 threes over second half of season and 6/11 games he scored 10 points or less) was baaaad. As was Stanford as a whole, tbh. Played PG in HS and grew, what...10 inches since then? He's got a lot of interesting tools and maybe a little bit of upside. Grew a bit since his soph season from what I've heard, and
  15. Showed he shouldn't/can't play C. That experiment is going to be short lived. So, PF, where Miles Bridges is probably only playable as well. Capping both their upside. PJ running with starters, Miles with Ball.
  16. Its not only because of his FG%. His production is below average in several cats, which means you'll have to look elsewhere to bring back your rebounds, assists, steals and even free throw % up to par.
  17. The whole Knicks team flourishes when Quickley played.
  18. Thad is also stricktly backing up PF at this point. OPjr hasnt been looking good in a while either. Im thinking Patrick Williams will begin and end the year as their starter at SF. One thing Im watching as well is what Chandler Hutchinson will be doing. He's still a somewhat limited player but he has the ability to rack up decent stats (steals mostly) in limited time.
  19. You also had the Write-in leagues. https://perkinsfor3.wordpress.com/2018/09/27/1994-1995-fantasy-basketball-challenge/
  20. Good, I always felt Bogi was a good fit in the second unit. Cam has a lot of upside and as Chingon said, he could be reminicent of PG. Excited to see his development this season.
  21. Miles is only doing well when Ball is handing him the ball in the right spots. Upside is capped due to him not having a very high bball IQ. Aslo, the PJ at C experiment looks like its failing, and neither PJ nor Bridges are able to play SF very well, so there's that. Watch McDaniels end up being the starter in a few seasons. 🤭
  22. Recovering from groin injury. Give it a little time.
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