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  1. He still plays well when he doesnt produce for fantasy. It might just be that he's a great hooper whoms value doesnt translate to fantasy.
  2. All I know is that Hakeem and David Robinson were crazy in the 90s. Both at the very top of the lists when it comws to costs.
  3. Graham is starting over Rozier if one has to go.
  4. Both. Might be worse in real liffe than fantasy, because in fantasy him being a low bball iq high usage guy who can't dribble and hogs the ball doesn't hurt you that much as it does on real life.
  5. He looked really good. Taking big steps game over game.
  6. Waited a bit to post it, until after I picked him up myself, but I liked Immanuel Quickley coming into this draft a lot, aand seeing him on the court with the Knicks made me pull the trigger in dynasty, Quickley has great size (+5" wingspan), plays good defense and is a really good shooter. His playmaking and courtvision needed some work coming out of college, but he has a great overall attitude and works hard. Very coachable and should be a Thibs darling. Funny to see DSjr play defense now as well btw. Quickley has been working out with Mahmoud Abdul Rauf pre-draft and so far he's
  7. I dont like him very much. Even with a depleted Detroit roster he hardly stood out - his defense is atroicous which will limit his fantasy impact imo.
  8. Brown jr, Bertans, Bonga and Deni are all interedting talents, with Brown probably suffering most this year as he thrives with increased usage.
  9. But what you said about Poku being much better is false. Its silly and untrue.
  10. I wouldnt say a big list. About 50 over a span of ten years. I wrote about it a few seasons ago: https://perkinsfor3.wordpress.com/2016/08/29/rookies-fantasy/ "I often see questions about rookies in yearly leagues. It’s a familiair sight to see someone reach for a nice rookie somewhere around the fourth or even third round of redrafts. Someone on another board asked if there have been rookies who put up 1st round value in their first season. Over the last ten years, there have only been two. Curry and Towns. Before that, Chris Paul put up #19 value as a rookie. So a quick
  11. If you say Poku is much better than Bazley you're either: - blind - lying - not watching basketball - trying to pump up Poku's value in a redraft league - shitposting Im assuming all of the above.
  12. Patrick Williams got drafted and all of a sudden OPjr looks healthy and Hutchinson looks like a player.
  13. The obvious one, didnt want to go back that far.
  14. I think I mentioned Devonte' Graham as early as summer 2019 a few times in a topic like this. 😉
  15. Lonnie actually hasn't been looking very good ever since that huge game vs the Rockets. Not sure if he'll tap into that upside anytime soon. Vassell and Keldon are brighter talents imo.
  16. - Tony Parker (28th pick) got almost 30mpg as a rookie. - Manu (57th) got 20 mpg as a rookie. - Beno Udrih (28th overall) got 15 mpg as a rookie - George Hill (26th) got 17 mpg as a rookie - DeJuan Blair (37th) got 18mpg as a rookie, also started 32 games - Gary Neal (undrafted) got 21mpg as a rookie - Tiago Splitter (28th) got 12mpg as a rookie - Kawhi (15th) got 24mpg as a rookie, started 39 games - Kyle Anderson (30th) played 12mpg as a rookie - Johnathon Simmons (undrafted) played 15mpg as a rookie - Bertans (42th) played 12 mpg as a rookie
  17. Take it with a grain of salt, but: Frank Vogel on THT during WCF practice last year: "That ******** kid, he's gonna start for me next year. Clip here: https://streamable.com/3un7gn
  18. Blazers will play Covington at SF as well. They have a lot of depth across SF/PF/C with several players who can play multiple positions. Melo is stricktly PF nowadays, and will see the court quite a bit. Zach Collins is coming back, Harry Giles has been showing out and should have a good role with his skillset for us. Then you also have Nassir Little being brought along slowly, he can see a few minutes as a defender. Rodney Hood is still a good scorer with size. Trent got the majority of his minutes as a SF last year actually. But it's hard to peg them currently as we were depleted, and
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