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  1. I prefer them both over Dort if it's threes I'm looking for. None of them are high upside options, but Dort shoots under 30% from three (bad FT shooter too), but has had a few games where he was hot. He plays amazing defense, but doesn't get many steals or blocks (he actually had 1 bpg in the post season). I think you could compare it to Marcus Smart's situation, who's had way more steals, is a much better passer and much better shooter. And Smart finished in the top 80 once and top 100 twice (#84 and #62). I think Dort has nice real life value, but won't do much fantasy-wise. In college Dort
  2. Love him in real life, but I think the (fantasy) upside is capped - might be better in real life than fantasy. I also think he's maybe even getting overdrafted a bit right now (going by what I hear not ADP - didnt check). More WCS:
  3. Im hearing the exact same things as what we were hearing with his older brother "whrn he gets a jumper, it's over!" Meanwhile, Lonzo still can't play in half court sets and will be losing his job to Kira Lewis before we're past game 36. 😁
  4. Hahaha that might be a good way to look at it. Not as big as a contract with Hood, but hey, its the Kings.
  5. Sooner. Hes better than Hield, more liked and probably a better fit.
  6. Depends on situation. Kanter played really well with Dame and CJ (good in pick and pop/roll with them), and they had some success two years ago. He probably is looking at ~ 17 mpg, also in order to keep Nurk fresh for the playoffs. Blazers are incredibly deep though this season.
  7. Love him, and he played well last night. Still think he's a bit away from impact. I'm also seeing a PF in him, and they have Griffin, and then probably Grant before him at that spot. It's a weirdly build up roster, considering their investments.
  8. Love love love love this signing for the Blazers, and I expected there to be a much better market for Giles. Olshey finally stopped trying to plug holes with one dimensional players and instead brought in good players. His passing and defense should be very valuable to them. I love ehat this means for the Blazers bench, but I dont think there will be enough minutes available to become relevant in all but the deepest leagues. Covington / Melo / Giles / Collins at PF, maybe even Hood and DJJ some spot minutes. Nurk / Kanter / Giles / Collins at C
  9. He'll have a decent bench role. Lakers will want to rest their players for the post season, rotations are going to be somewhat deeper this season, the Lakers bench isnt that deep and THT is ready for an expanded role as he provides strengths that fit the Lakers needs.
  10. I dont think Nesmith will do much beyond shoot threes. Boston needs that outside shooting but I like PatWilliams' ability to provide across the board better.
  11. Woildnt be surprised but maaaaan thats a horrible line up on defense.
  12. The thing is, with that Nuggets squad, and with the Blazers previously, he was playing with shooters. In Detroit he has Griffin and Rose playing a different game where it's a lot of driving and ISOing. This doesnt work in his favor. I also expect the Pistons to realize their offseason signing, Grant, shouldnt be played at SF (and shouldnt be featured as much as he likes himself), and thus move Grant to PF and Blake to C.
  13. Jordan wont cut it, I think. Clarke should improve and see more minutes while JJJ is injured either way. I'd try Brook Lopez, but not sure if that gets it done.
  14. Might be able to get him by dealing one of the C's?
  15. Randle isnt much value, horrible player, hope the Knicks find a way to move on from him. Id keep AD.
  16. I was watching the Wolves last night and even though KAT hasnt been the most muscular player so far he looked a bit more pudgy than before. Jokic looks in better shape than before. Choosing between them would be a matter of build for me. Both are amazing. I like rolling with KAT, and I dont think the family situation will affect his value too much.
  17. Looks good but FG% could be a challenge. How many Util spots? Because thats a lot of Cs for a 2C league. Maybe flip a few of them for efficient PFs or C/PFs?
  18. I dont think the long term upside of Rui, Kuzma and Bagley is worth a lot. If I could deal those for a better long term prospect, I wouldnt blink twice as they all struck me like the Jabari Parker level of players. Some injury risk and some efficiency challenges as well, but having Tatum, Luka, KAT and Ayton as keepers is great!
  19. You're hot taking that I'm hot taking my views based on 1 preseason game. 🤣
  20. That's a bit of a difficult question since every league is different. Dynasty? Redraft? You're in the Dozier, Musa, Stauskas (lmao), Vanderbilt, Nowell, Vernon Carey, Pritchard, Quickley, Nnaji, Woodard, I actually think Nnaji could enter Denver's rotation earlier than expected. Matt Thomas is ranked 385th but could someone to look at?
  21. Not a specialist, but I think a lot of people who watch Spurs games... like Spurs fans, are looking/waiting for more improvements from Murray as well. I was a big fan of his upside when he got drafted, but had been hoping for more improvement, even with the ACL injury. I think Murray will continue to start as the Spurs/Pop is sort of conservative with his rotations, even when there 2as some talk about them playing more uptempo this season (heck, his starting five for this first preseason game would've been considered slow in 2000). But I don't think Murray will finish most games. He isn'
  22. Minor ankle injury sustained in practice, was held out for precautionary reasons.
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