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  1. Hey Mark, I'm starting a new dynasty at the end of our playoffs. I also have an orphan team in 14t 9cat dynasty.
  2. bumpity bump btw very open to move it to espn if this is what most ppl prefer
  3. Hello everyone! At this end of this fantasy season I want to start a new dynasty. Aim is to have as many active and knowledgeable owners as possible. It will be a 14t, on fantrax with a 35 game limit and expanded rosters. (flexible about the platform esp. if a significant majority prefers espn) I cannot stress enough that inactives will be removed on the spot and with minimal warnings. It's your responsibility to log in at least a couple of times per week and to answer your PMs on discord as well as trade offers. If you can't commit to this, this league isn't for you. More
  4. I actually found someone for this team, but if you like the format I have no doubt someone will be gone soon or later. Also, I'm thinking of opening a new 14t dynasty with a 35 game limit in case you find this appealing.
  5. Commish tired of looking for new owners every second week is searching for a committed owner. Your team is stars and scrubs. You have Jokic, McCollum, Tobias Harris, J. Isaac and Lamelo but the rest is not that good. https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/team?leagueId=73837209&teamId=2 The league is active with lots of trades and its own discord server.
  6. Id like to take one, prolly the Hunter, J. Murray team, but could I have a look at the full rosters first? also, how many teams make the playoffs?
  7. Do you update your lineups daily? Do you answer your trade offers? Do you answer chat messages? If so, I'd be happy to get a message from you!
  8. if still available i ll take it georgios.d.michalopoulos@gmail.com
  9. active free league looks for 4 replacement owners we have set playoff teams to 16 so that everyone has a chance as mentioned settings are vanilla 9 cat.
  10. both are active, but the 14t is more than the 10t. i ll add you to the 10t and we take it from there.
  11. two different leagues, both 9 cat both teams can realistically win it all 1st league is 10t with 3 year contracts. 8 keepers https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/team?leagueId=96305922&teamId=3 2 league is 14t dynasty (no contracts or any other restriction) https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/team?leagueId=24043942&teamId=13
  12. experienced rebuilder here i promise to remake this team relevant
  13. I dont know anything about baseball and football unfortunately, but if you ever get a spot on a basketball salary league, count me in!
  14. If still available, I'd like to give the kiss of life to the Toronto Mammoths
  15. I like fantasy challenges, but does this team have anything to fight for? Playoffs? That ship has sailed with a 0-10 record and 8/14 teams making the playoffs. It's probably not even mathematically possible. And with only 2 keepers, there is no reason to check the WW regularly, unless someone is silly enough to drop Adebayo or Giannis. I like your message and you sound like a good manager, so if I'm missing something do let me know!! That said, if you want a manager to take over the team and keep it active until next year, I can do that. But I won't do much beyond updating
  16. bump it's a good and active league and a nice win now team
  17. 14t 9cat 35 game limit. We have a separate rookie draft. You can trade FAAB and draft picks. Your team has Lillard, Domantas, Isaac and Paul George. Your team's full roster The league's constitution is here. We have a groupme chat to discuss trades, the owners are active and trades take place often.
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