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  1. Pratt, Takitaki, Goodson, Takitaki, Oluokun, Tahir, Cashman, Hewitt. (Salary cap team in sig.)
  2. QB: Darnold, Minshew, Wentz RB: Saquon, Howard, Samuels, C. Thompson, DeAndre, White, J. Williams WR: Crowder, McLaurin, Michael Thomas TE: Dissly, Howard K: Empty P: Empty LB: Todd Davis, R. Evans, Martinez, Shaq, Whitehead, Avery DL: Jon Allen, Buckner, Heyward DB: Jaire, Fuller, Rapp
  3. I replaced a team last year (The contract system was implemented last year as well.) before the league drafted and managed to win the consolation bracket. The only four players on option year ($10 to resign.) are Michael Thomas ($8), DeForest Buckner ($7), James White ($4), and Jordan Howard ($3). The only Y2 players that aren't worth $1 are Saquon Barkley ($188), Blake Martinez ($20), and Carson Wentz ($9). We wait to have one big auction draft the week before the season begins. Every player that's a free agent after week 16 and rookies are included. Team is in my signature.
  4. Chris Godwin since so many QBs put up a top-10 performance every year.
  5. Ryan is the only one I would even consider right now.
  6. I wouldn't waste my time picking up either Bryant. Both haven't played in years.
  7. CMC is easily the best fantasy player right now.
  8. It all depends on which RBs and WRs await you at the turn.
  9. Yep, sounds like Boyd might be the only Bengal I'll be targeting in redrafts. Shame, get better soon, AJ.
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