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  1. Let me get this straight. He put up 1075/11 while missing 2.5 games early in the season... and somehow we're (again) arguing that he won't be a WR1 in 2021? Because "TDs are flukey"? LOL. He was on pace for ~120 targets, and with his efficiency that's plenty to put him in the highest echelon of WRs. Mid-tier WR1 with top 5 potential. Not to mention - the dude is a bonafide stud, and Vrabel trusts him. His role in the offense continues to grow, and he's *the guy* in clutch situations. Personally I'd argue that Corey Davis leaving next year would have little to no impact to his produ
  2. I'm among those who didn't play him and thought he was done after seeing the one fumble early in the game. BUT I want to call one thing out - the only reason nobody could have predicted yesterday's explosion was because of volume and coaching decisions. A lot of folks here love his talent and how he has developed (...) over the last 1-2 years. There's a huge difference between that and doubting his overall talent; a huge difference between not trusting Arian's whims, and not trusting that Rojo is a better, more explosive backfield option than LF. No doubt this rollercoaster ride is
  3. So, um... where the Fournette truthers at? Can’t wait to hear why Rojo’s performance today shouldn’t mean anything and why he’s still bad 😂 Statement game and carried the Bucs today. Was looking iffy before he busted that long TD.
  4. I think this is the most legitimate way to look at it. Just don't be surprised when Jones finds a lot of success running for another team. He was 20 years old when he joined the league and has improved every year; he's still younger than Vaughn by a few months. At this point he's being benched for (what appear to be) petty occurrences, probably based on a mountain of evidence and opinion that Arians has developed over the last year and a half. Yep, we get it. Arians doesn't have the time to wait for him to develop. Too bad.
  5. Something is off with Arians and Rojo but it's nothing new. The "fumble" last week was a tipped pass that was barely catchable. The latest in a series of unfortunate events for Rojo. If there was a mistake on his part, maybe it was just that he should have batted the ball down instead of trying to catch it (?). I encourage everyone to watch the actual play (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAQfYCq47oA). Bummer. Looking forward to wherever Jones goes next. He deserves a longer leash than whatever Arians is giving him.
  6. Fair enough. NYG certainly couldn't trend down any further. Should have taken a closer look at their rush D which is actually pretty good on the season. Doesn't change the fact that this whole team (TB) is trending toward a fantasy wasteland for 2020, except for D/ST maybe. Not enough reliable production unless injuries hit.
  7. Fournette was part of the reason TB looked so weak last night. Add that to the fact that Brady likes Evans and Gronk in the redzone. At least Rojo gave us something to be excited about - LF looks like Lamar Miller after he went to Houston. At this rate Vaughn is potentially the most attractive RB in TB, in both redraft and dynasty. I'll take the upside flier over a couple of guys who have coach/efficiency issues.
  8. Is anyone actually excited about "Fournette SZN"?? Dude could barely crack 10pts (PPR) on TWENTY-ONE touches yesterday - against an awful defense. And he looked awful doing it. Rojo's fumble might end up being bad news for everyone involved as the Fournette crew now thinks he has a chance of being relevant, and might even play him next week(s).
  9. Agreed - nothing to see here, folks. Our prince is just resting up to put a big 'ol whoopin on those PIT boys.
  10. Agree he's been a bit inconsistent, but this should be expected when he's only getting several carries per game. Can't get in a rhythm with a situation like that. He's flashing like Justice never did...
  11. 100% this. Start you studs. Too many fantasy managers outsmart themselves trying to get cute with matchups, when - 99% of the time in the end - they realize they should have just kept it simple. Hunt is one of the best RBs in the league, behind one of the best OLs in the league, in a dream situation without Chubb. Don't let matchup worries prevent you from making the wise decision to play Hunt wherever you have him, as long as he is healthy and Chubb is out.
  12. So we're 2 games into the season and folks are already calling bust??? Do y'all have your fantasy playoffs in week 6? At least you know he's out and can plug someone else instead. Much better than waiting 'til game time and (even if he plays) wondering if he'll be a decoy. If this lingers into week 5-6 then maybe we can have a more educated discussion. 3 quarters of football - the first game of the year, with no preseason, in high-altitude Denver - is not nearly enough of a sample size to conclude anything.
  13. Floor and reliability, sure. But AJ's theoretical ceiling is unmatched - he has the potential (whether likely or not) to be a top-5 WR. It'd take some injuries for Kupp to even approach that possibility. With Kupp you're hoping for Keenan numbers; with AJ you're hoping he takes the second-year leap and finishes in the top 5. In PPR, Kupp is a no-brainer. Otherwise, probably just depends on your risk tolerance...
  14. Y'all remember back in October when some people were debating the definition of "league winner"? 😂 Great couple of games for Miles, coming up huge when Philly needs him most. Gonna be a big year next year.
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