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  1. Spring training "new pitches" news has a way different vibe in 2021 than 2011, though. In 2011, you'd get one sentence that "Alex Wood has a new changeup." Nowadays you get a slow-action camera angle with measurements and then you (the fantasy player) specifically hone in on this pitch and batter swings during March. You're going to have to stream like a motherbleeper this year to reach your 1400ip roto cap, might as well study your potential streams now before Fangraphs and Brooks have all the data handy for any fantasy chimp to look up.
  2. Be advised to those who have drafted already: 67% owned Diekman in Yahoo is going to be mass dropped now that Rosenthal is the closer, and those teams are likely to take fliers on other Saves possibilities on the wire. This might affect your plans to snatch a RP off the wire, if for instance you are waiting for Syndergaard or Severino to go on the IL to open a roster spot. If there's a forgotten RP on your wire, he might be snagged by the Diekman owner tonight.
  3. My mid-February guess is Wisler + Mcgee, I am fading "5+Bb/9 lucky Babip" Moronta
  4. I'm thinking about it, but hopefully after all these Covid streamers lose their bloom in about 4-5 days.
  5. I hate when podcasts are dumb and evaluate teams too early. About 3-4 days ago The Ringer NBA podcast started it's show with 15 minutes on the Mavericks and out of shape Luka and WCS/Powell at center. Wtf? Before Porky had even played a minute? What a waste of breath. Then last night's Simmons/Russillo podcast, Bill correctly skips them because their 2 big dogs hadn't played yet.
  6. People are in the Harden thread worried about a big 3 😂
  7. Maybe Fertitta said do whatever manipulation with the press you have to, just do not give him to Morey.
  8. Now he's out due to protocols. Melli & Hart & Alexander-Walker get some more #s, along with already owned Ingram/Bledsoe/Adams
  9. Go put it in Russillo's replies and get your ratio.
  10. What is this? Real pain? or is he saying "Figure this sh*t out and call me when it's done"?
  11. And Simmons can play point guard-ish as the SF. Tucker presumably goes the other way or hits the bench. His defense only old man game isnt needed if Simmons/Maxey comes
  12. And last I heard Marc Stein came off the top rope on Shams and says Maxey-pad is the offer they are concentrating on. It's all in this thread and the internet. Nothing is hidden.
  13. Wall's value about the same, might be needed to score more/get assists less Maxey will be a starter at SG, his value up (from before these Covid starts) Embiid scoring will go down a touch. The sharps will see that Harris & Seth Curry, two guys in the top 40 of 9-cat, will take a hit because going from 12pts Simmons to 30pts Harden sucks the points from somebody.
  14. Up above 2 posts, Shams talked about Thybulle. He's a throw-in. Maxey is the true centerpiece
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