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  1. There's been some Melancon chest thumpers in here. Lets see if Coach sends him out vs L,L,R,L in the 9th Edit: Looks like he is warming up, Pomeranz sat down.
  2. He got spiked from behind on the outside upper ankle/achilles of his left leg (about 3 inches above the big ankle bone). The "calf" stuff is just jargon garbage because it was nowhere near his calf muscle.
  3. Hudson got the W at home, not the save. With extra inning rules (runner on 2nd), Rainey is probably better suited to save him for the 10th if it got there (higher K%).
  4. IMO you can't even evaluate a player vs the Pirates. You just stack your Draftkings lineup vs 85mph nothing balls from Cahill and then move on.
  5. I can't wait until the game ends and I can bump the Kyle Tucker thread so the board can get in a thread battle over who deserves the HOU cleanup spot. Yordan already has a cult but Tucker deserves some fighters on his behalf. Especially since Dusty gave his spot away 3 games into the season.
  6. Who'll get the vulture save for a gassed Iglesias (30 pitches last nite on SNB)? R, L, R, so not Watson Junior Guerra maybe?
  7. Toughest possible Mcgee save attempt upcoming in 5 minutes, minus Tatis of course. Croneworth, Kim, Machado, on the road, 1 run game.
  8. If you want to scoop Kim (2B,SS) before the Tatis owner gets the INJ tag, do it tonight
  9. Tatis hurt on swing Left arm pinned vs body on walk out: Elbow sprain? Hamate?
  10. "We knew all along Mcgee was the closer so I'm not sure what you're worried about" "Moronta is no threat, his velocity is down" (I was the one providing updates on his velocity during ST)
  11. Just want to put it on record: Mcgee is warming for R,L,R hitters due up. Moronta is the only bullpen arm not to pitch yet. What's my point? Mcgee is not a matchup closer. He's taking on 2 RHHs even with a rested Moronta. * I was the first person who put a tweet in the offseason closer thread where Kapler said Mcgee was a possible closer, so be very careful how/if you reply to this post.
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