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  1. I frustration dropped him this week. Not sure it was a good decision. Just got sick of seeing not enough happen.
  2. Not with 2 targets a game in 3 of the last 4. He had 4 targets in the other.
  3. Nah...held him this whole time, but thinking I'll keep rolling with Preston Williamsūü§£
  4. Only in 1 league this year; 10 team 2 QB. My top 5 draft picks: M Thomas, J Mixon, K Drake, A Robinson, C Ridley
  5. Chargers week 6 have a bye and week 7 vs Jax. Jets play Miami week 6.
  6. He is what he is. I drafted him as depth for one thing: usage. I'd generally much rather use Monty as my flex or bye-week fill in that 90% of the RB's drafted after him or RBBC dudes or typical WW fodder.
  7. There is that. Currently he has no value except as a "hold and see". I just can't figure what the Texans have going forward that will create chances for Cooks. Anyone seeing these games? Why zero catches with 39/40 routes? Where do the targets go if Fuller's out?
  8. Serious ouch. [...] As varock stated, makes the decision much easier.
  9. Decided to fire him up as my 3. Just have a good feeling about him vs the Vikes sieve secondary. Texans have to pull out a win somehow.
  10. Cook had 2 catches for 13 yards week 2. 1 was for a TD. I dunno about Smith. I lost MT, but just haven't seen enough consistent usage from Smith to outweigh other options. Starting him still seems very much like a flyer.
  11. Don't forget Ridley is questionable. Could be a bump for Gage- provided he's ok.
  12. This year I think a lot may deserve handcuffs. And I've literally never had that thought before.
  13. Maybe my best ww pickup of the year. But then all the rest went immediately to ir
  14. Throw Koo in there and you have a guaranteed league winner.
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