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  1. can we also do a vote to increase playoff spots to 6? i find that to be more fun in 12 team leagues
  2. why do you have it as no trading? can we change that? and increase playoff teams to 6 since we are aiming for 12 ppl
  3. bump -> if anyone wants to start one i'd be down
  4. Looking for a superflex league. Preferably under $100 and snake draft
  5. Looking for a league, preferably super flex. Snake draft. Looking to spend less than $100
  6. I should have put looking for snake draft in my post, sorry
  7. Looking to do 1 more league. Goal is under $100 for the buy in. Tell me if you have any openings
  8. Is there still an opening? Also, how does the taker system work? Like could I give you a kicker for Hopkins if I beat you, or is it something like within 3 rounds of drafted?
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