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  1. If Lutz & Kamara combine for >24 I'm in the ship in back to back years. If yesterday was any indication (I played Julio AND Hooper yesterday), it's going to come down to a 50 yard FG as time expires.
  2. Yes, technically. He's only had 8 receptions since their week 10 bye though.
  3. Is Conley vrs DeDe even a debate? Grabbed Conley to block the Chark owner and wondering if he's even worth thinking about. Oakland has a horrible pass defense
  4. It's only Wednesday but with Henry missing practice I scooped Dion since I have the room. [...]
  5. This. Hooper was TE1 before the injury, right? At the minimum he was right behind Kelce. I think you have to plug him in if he's playing. Shoot, Jaeden freakin' Graham went 4/4 for 41 yards and TD last week.
  6. McCoy supposedly had a concussion last game.
  7. Was able to snag Sam this morning and think I'm starting Darnold over Watson too
  8. I got you https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2019/11/26/kansas-city-chiefs-sign-rb-elijah-mcguire-to-practice-squad-transaction-free-agency-roster-move/
  9. Chiefs signed Elijah Mcguire today.. writing on the wall for Damien?
  10. Is there anything to Tyreek & Mccoy getting an update but nothing for Damien?
  11. Dropped Armstead this morning for a Darrel flyer. If Damien misses time I feel Darrel will benefit the most. Worst case, he's dropped going into playoffs. Best case, we have a flex ready for a championship run.
  12. Holding tight. I've made it to 8-3 so I can afford it. If I had any question about making the playoffs he'd be banished to the waivers.
  13. What's the worst case scenario here? Week 13-14 return? Is there any chance he doesn't play again this season? I can't figure out why the hell he was dropped in my league but I grabbed him to block anyone from using him against me in the playoffs.
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