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  1. I didn't see this part included. Really, he's coming up on 2 weeks heal time. It can't be worse than last week, right?
  2. Everything else considered, I think this is some of the better news we could have gotten. After drafting CMC I grabbed Monty and then went WR for the next 3 rounds. Hopefully they can carry me for the next 3-5 weeks and I can come out of that .500. As long as he's 100% for my playoff run I'm a happy man 😂
  3. Your first statement doesn't make sense. Of course it's not ideal. Who the hell wants to lose their 1st pick? It's not like I'm saying that I'd rather him hurt than healthy. That's dumb. What I'd rather is a 3 week IR and returning 100% as opposed to being out 8 weeks. Hamstrings can be tricky so if CMC is "only" out 3 weeks and returns 100%, yeah... I'll be ecstatic.
  4. 😂 unless you're serious.. and if you are, I'd be willing to bet you don't win a lot.
  5. I'm 100% starting Rondale this weekend. With CMC only putting up 5 last night I need to go for ceiling plays this week.
  6. I'm not sure if something like this has been said but I'm optimistic. They called him out REALLY quickly. I'm thinking some of that is due to the short week after 30 carries. No reason to push it. Hopefully it won't be an extended amount of time. I'd be fine with the 3 game IR.
  7. I couldn't disagree more. I'm a huge College fan so I've seen plenty of both and Haskins always screamed "bust" to me. I didn't/don't think Fields will be a world beater but I think he can be a lot like Dak. Dak was solid in college, even beat my team once (LSU.) He always had legs but his passing, accuracy in particular, were the biggest question marks. I think Fields has all the upside Dak had but with a better passing pedigree. I'm NOT saying Fields is Dak 2.0, I'm just saying I see the similarities in their capabilities.
  8. Man I hope so. Maybe DJ can get 10 targets in the first half so we can all rest easy in the 2nd. My gut says DJ takes one of those WR screens to the house tonight.
  9. I'm totally using this elsewhere to make a point. Thanks
  10. Great points and it's tough to argue against any of them. I especially agree with your last statements. I think these last 2 games are his floor. Teams have to start looking at thielen and osborne which means monster weeks are coming for Jets. I'm feeling a 30 burger soon
  11. All I'm saying is that if Fields does well and consistently improves then come week 10ish and on you can find reasons to start either. It's a 4pt pass td league so if Fields is racking up rush TDs then it'd be a tougher decision than what your sarcasm depicts.
  12. Scooped Fields after waivers cleared this morning just in case. I'm starting rodgers this weekend but if fields looks promising I'll have some tougher decisions ahead. As a Monty owner I'm really looking forward to those RPOs.
  13. Evan McPherson. He's a Rookie but has a cannon of a leg and can kick under pressure. He kicked a 57 yarder in preseason that was good from 60+, easily.
  14. Rodgers isn't leaving my lineup until his bye week
  15. I'm down 11. I have Rodgers left and he has Adams.. I have a chance but I don't think it's likely. I don't want an injury but It'd be nice if Adams got a piece of grass in his eye during warmups that'll keep him out of the game.
  16. I'm similar but not as stacked as you. I'm 0-2 but still LOVE my team. Rodgers, CMC, Monty, Jefferson, Cooper, Higbee, flex1 - DJ moore, Flex2 - James White/Rondale/Michel. Last week I lost to the #1 scoring. This week my players just didn't perform well enough. I'm not stressing though and definitely not making any moves yet.
  17. Absolutely. IMO that's easily the most promising play from Sunday. His speed and athleticism are next level and he's on his way to be must watch TV when he has the ball.
  18. I was at the game and Patterson looked so much better than Davis IMO. It felt like he was always on the field. If you're in a return yds league he's a no brainer. Shoot, he might be for all leagues I'd still like to see one more week but I think you'll miss him if you wait.
  19. I think darnold is going to be more than fine. I'm confident in saying that he's an upgrade over teddy and I think Teddy is pretty damn solid.
  20. White is in the flex until he puts up a dud, right? I didn't see him play but his stat line looked really sustainable
  21. I dropped. It was for rondale Moore so I'm not heartbroken but still.. I've got to ditch sermon anyways, might as well go for Pittman another week
  22. That's how I see it. Yeah, if you take away the long td he was only 6/30something. What that Also means though is that he had 6 other opportunities to take it to the house. With his speed and athleticism, I'll gladly bet on him housing 1/10 touches. Into my flex he goes.
  23. I dropped Elijah earlier this week. Picked him up again since crowder and mims are out
  24. I speak on behalf of all the Rodgers owners when I say, thank you for your sacrifice
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