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  1. Tbf, he should have had 2 TDs. He beat a defender and pretty much got tackled to stop him from catching the pass. The defender decided to take the penalty instead of the TD
  2. Asking who you would rank higher isn't really a lineup question. It's comparing value between two players for potential trades opportunities.
  3. Even this week with Gesicki playing against the Jags?
  4. Who do you guys rank higher ROS and this week: Jonnu vs Gesicki?
  5. Who do you guys rank higher ROS Gesicki or Jonnu Smith?
  6. Darrell Williams looked like a bum. Pedestrian is too kind
  7. Getting greedy. Dying for the second TD. This dude could have had 3 TDs tonight Feeling pretty damn confident
  8. In a vacuum Ingram has been a little better than Booker if you look at rankings. It's pretty close though. Washington is a waiver in a 12 teamer so he doesn't really matter. Depends on what you need
  9. 12 team 9 cat Need to drop somebody in order to activate Steph Curry off of IR. Leaning towards dropping OG
  10. 9 cat Chriss Josh Richardson Malik Beasley Leaning Richardson since my matchup is two weeks long and he only has 5 games in that stretch
  11. That's how I'm leaning. Besides JRich, the weakest player on my team is Beasley. Still think it's a bad move to stream his spot instead of Beasley? I hate having a guy who has a lingering issue going into the playoffs. Tough choice.
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