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  1. Your RB's are Weak and your really don't need Rudolph and Graham on your team. Wait and use the WW to see what happens to add depth to your RB's with guys that you can drop like Rudolph and Graham.
  2. Love your RB's, but your WR's are a little weak.I also think your TE's have great upside to them.
  3. I do like Lamar Jackson a lot. Your RB's are really good. Your WR's have a lot of depth and your TE s top notch.
  4. I also don't know who Chase Anderson is so I would dump him.
  5. The WR's behind Cooks kind of scare me even though they could all breakout and have great seasons, but it is not a guarantee. Other than that I think your team looks great.
  6. Just saw the Chargers gave permission to Gordon to seek out other teams for trades. Don't know how quick this could happen, but this right here would intrigue me into keeping him.
  7. I agree with the above poster that the RB's a a little weak behind Cook. You are however strong at WR.
  8. I would also say Singletary is the guy to have for RB depth and could have some upside to his game.
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