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  1. Broke free to grab 15 points his first game with a new qb who still looked his way a ton and these children are ready to sell wish I played in leagues with you all
  2. If you're smart you have both penny Carson big days ahead for this backfield yes sir
  3. Showed today why I traded him rams offense is a fantasy nightmare
  4. Can they get freeman more work? Lindsay sucks one year wonder if I ever saw it
  5. How long before he's the guy I say 3rd quarter ?
  6. What are you on drugs Darnold could be out months you don't just recover from mono like magic. Thank god you don't run the team
  7. He's fine bell is a warrior he'll be out there RELAX
  8. Was happy to pick Danny A up think he can provide some flex value
  9. Hope so picked him up considering flexing him
  10. The good news is Thomas won't do anything for the jets. The bad news is Anderson is just a boom or bust guy I'm a jets fan but playing Robbie in fantasy this week. When he goes off against me sell him
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