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  1. 12 team PPR, we keep up to 3 players at the draft position or the keeper position from the previous year. Kamara: 8th round AJ Brown: 8th round DJ Chark: 8th round AJ Green: 9th round Gurley: 6th round Le'Veon Bell: 4th round If I keep more than one player in the same round, one of them must go the a higher pick. So, if I keep Brown, Kamara, and Chark it would take my 6th, 7th, and 8th pick (next years keepers would be based on the new adjusted rounds). I'm leaning towards Kamara, Brown, and Chark or Kamara, Brown, and Green.
  2. Two teams: Brees vs Brisett Brees vs Brady - I'm assuming Brady for this one, but am seeing if the group disagrees Thanks!
  3. I probably would do that trade. See if you can pick up Dissly for TE depth after.
  4. 1pt PPR I currently have John Ross and Samuel on my team. Are either worth dropping for Chark?
  5. Full PPR No limit to how many seasons we can keep a player Pick 2 of the following 3: Godwin in the 12th Rd Gurley in the 6th Rd L. Bell in the 4rh Rd Thanks
  6. Both are strong teams. I think team 1 has a bit more break out potential assuming that Gurley can stay productive
  7. 12 team PPR Keeper, I keep 3, we start WRx2, RBx2, W/R/TE flex Options are: L. Bell in the 4th Gurley in the 6th Kamara in the 8th Godwin in the 12th Guice in the 16th I need to keep 3.I'm currently thinking that I keep Bell and Kamara, and the question is do I keep Gurley in the 6th with his bum knee? Or am I overthinking this and should just take the 3 top RBs despite Gurley's knee issue. Or am I all together off base We can keep players forever at the round they were drafted, so a WR does have a longer shelf life Thanks for any help!
  8. As much as I love Kamara, I would go McCaffery due to use volume.
  9. Hold pat. You aren't going to get any return for Hilton at this point. If you still aren't comfortable and he can perform decently at the start, you may be able to package him and someone else for an upgrade.
  10. I THINK I would go Conner for the round discount and ability to hold him for another year, but you honestly can't go wrong in this situation.
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