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  1. Yeah, I agree. I think it will take awhile. I'm a Detroit fan, but I imagine when they lose a couple more you will see a drastic shift in use of their RB snap share. I really think if they lost the AZ game, Patricia would be very close to getting cut which could have been good for the RB's but he prob saved his job for awhile with that win smh.
  2. That's a good point, didnt look Mooneys snap share before. However, I expect to see Miller's role expanding. He has been targeted more with less playing time. Plus statistically, Foles throws to the slot a lot, and Miller has played out of the slot 85 percent of his reps this year. I dont think that Mooney will push Miller out but that's my opinion. Just a dart throw.
  3. I think Miller is worth an add/hold right now. Looks like Foles trusts him and with Foles under center, it could breathe new life into this offense. Still will probably be more of a boom bust player but I expect a safer floor with foles
  4. AP was actually getting decent yards against AZ and I think there is a trust issue with the team and swift right now. I think he will step into a bigger role after the bye so I would hold him still. I would look at these games like preseason. However I will say Swift has had bad luck, dropping the TD catch on week 1 to lose the game, and then week 2 stafford tried to connect a quick dump off to him and he was not looking... just hit him in the back with the ball. I think they pulled him quick after that.
  5. I am in the same boat. As of now I have djax on my bench, shenault in
  6. @jpark211 @twelve20 The same owner is considering miles Sanders or ceh. Who would you take ROS?
  7. Cmc, ekeler, mckinnon, hines, gibson, moss It is redraft @jpark211
  8. Cmc for ceh straight up. I am 1-1 right now in a ppr league. Would you do this trade? Have ekeler and mckinnon driving the ship for this week.
  9. I would start Ekeler, I still expect Gordon to be eased in but your guess is as good as mine
  10. There is no way Ekeler is playing less than 30% this year. I see him staying near 40% throughout the season. I would consider him an RB2 in PPR formats as he does not need a lot of work to be very productive. The major hit he will take with Gordon back is splitting the receiving game with him. The time share does not concern me at all.
  11. I like your optimism but kerryon is very good at receiving as well. At best you can hope they split receiving duty and rushing to maintain their health. They bother seem to have the ability to be productive with lower volume as opposed to bell cows. Time will tell.
  12. Correct. And Ty Johnson looked much cleaner than CJ, so it's not a stretch to assume they convert more often on 3rd downs creating more opportunities (hopefully).
  13. Lions fan here. I will agree that Mattison is a better "handcuff" with RB1 potential. Handcuffs are only valuable with major injuries. Whereas Ty Johnson is not quite a handcuff, he can have some standalone value as the season progresses especially in PPR. So if you ask me at this point, Ty Johnson is more valuable on your bench because he has more opportunities other than just being a " handcuff" to bring value to your team. Just my opinion.
  14. I put some FAAB on Deebo Samuel and got him but I saw that someone just dropped Alshon Jeffery. I know he has a minor injury but he shouldn't be on the wire imo. Looking for others opinions and if it is worth spending on? If so, how much %?
  15. People overreact. Start Mixon with confidence.
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