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  1. https://twitter.com/PewterReport/status/1328099162391502848?s=20
  2. Worth a stash on Rich Cimini's report last week
  3. 4 rush attempts for the TEAM! I’m glad they lost.
  4. Writing my obituary here on this backfield. RoJo has zero trust from the coaching staff and Fournette looks very pedestrian himself. RoJo isnt getting enough volume to even be a RB2 with Fournette active & Fournette got pretty much a workhorse role and a chance on national TV to showcase himself with 73% of snaps yesterday and still only put up 8.6 in .5PPR. Hate to say it, but its a mess of a backfield unless one gets hurt. With that said, not dropping my shares of either yet.
  5. Yeah I see RoJo as a mid/low range RB2 and fournette mid/high range RB2 right now. Yes game script should favor running but the giants front has been very solid this season. im a RoJo truther but it’s becoming very clear that the dude can’t catch, and that’s a big issue- especially with Brady. He’s cleaned up pass protection a bunch though and is now above average.
  6. We really shouldn’t be arguing RoJo vs fournette anymore.. BOTH WILL HAVE RB2 VALUE as long as it’s a 2 man backfield. these 2 sharing the load 50/50 makes both of them valuable. Fournette likely gets the edge in PPR formats cause he’s getting the passing work but I continue to say McCoy/ Vaughn being worked out of the rotation was a key that puts a true ROS floor under both players value. and if either gets hurt the other becomes a workhorse, 60%+ snaps for RoJo and likely 70%+ for fournette. For now I see this backfield as a poor mans chubb/hunt
  7. Arians finally worked McCoy and Vaughn out of the rotation. This is RoJo and fournette backfield now. Roles are becoming more clear, RoJo the runner on 1st and 2nd and fournette the “3rd” down back with a couple more carries than your typical 3rd down back. Looks like it it’ll be a 50/50 split between the two which would likely make them game script dependent RB2s. RoJo has only been averaging like 57% of snaps this season anyway next week bucs get the giants which should be a RoJo game script.. well see either way after today RoJos value has taken a hit. Still wouldn’t trade him
  8. Early read is Fournette is taking over the McCoy role (3rd down role) plus a couple 1st and 2nd down snaps. This is ideal for Jones owners as McCoy is being worked out of the rotation and 3rd down work was never a likely situation for Jones. 55/45 or 60/40 Jones to Fournette is snap percentages moving forward IMO
  9. RoJo has faced stacked boxes on the 6th highest percentage of carries (28.9%) in the NFL per PlayerProfiler. And 6.9 average defenders in the box (8th highest). (Fournette at 16.7%) AB should open up even more running lanes and remove some stacked boxes against RoJo. Time will tell. https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/ronald-jones/
  10. Get McCoy out of the rotation and give those snaps to fournette. He’s a serviceable receiver. MCCOY HAS DONE NOTHING THIS SEASON but he continues to milk 20% of snaps. McCoy is the problem, not fournette in a way
  11. Feels like hes due for at least a TD today.
  12. 20? Idk.. i feel comfortable saying at least 15 rushes and targets though.
  13. https://www.bucsnation.com/2020/10/14/21516604/ronald-jones-breaking-through-defenses-buccaneers-2020 When asked about Jones’ emergence over the last few weeks - especially his yards after contact - head coach Bruce Arians told the media;
  14. exactly, and is it a coincidence that around the same time Kelley’s production dropped off? I think not 🤔 with those 2 active Kelley had 2 solid games to start the season. Hopefully with the bye week coming those 2 will get healthy, and the schedule will also ease up
  15. Hes an RB2 with Jordan Howard as a healthy scratch. Goal line work is worth a lot of expected fantasy points, and Miamis offense has been pretty solid with Fitzpatrick at the helm. Passing down work gave him his floor, and now the goal line work is raising his weekly ceiling. He will be hard to sell because hes not flashy, just productive but dont sell him too cheaply in leagues IMO.
  16. Nothing is wrong with that workload, 15-20 touches/looks and goal line work is all we can ask for. But against the Saints D and banged up oline theres a wide range of outcomes. Im rooting for the breakout game tonight but well see
  17. Oh wow WTF.. youre right!! Yahoo needs to update the schedules in the fantasy app immediately
  18. My expectations are a bit tempered tonight with Bulaga and Turner out. I expect roughly 60-65% of snaps, at least 12-15 carries and 2 or 3 targets. Who knows how many fantasy points his opportunity will lead to tonight but looking forward to the next couple weeks with the right side of the line healthy and a easing schedule for the run game.
  19. Guess who's currently PFF highest graded RB in pass blocking???.. Youve guessed it! Its Joshua Kelley with a 87.1 rating and 0 sacks/pressures/hurries/hits allowed on 12 pass blocking snaps. Wheres Justin Jackson rank? 45.3 rating with 1 sack and 1 pressure allowed on 6 pass blocking snaps. Small sample, but positive for Kelley no doubt.
  20. Rojo also had his best week in pass blocking against the bears per PFF. He had 3 pass blocking snaps (season high) and allowed zero sack/pressures/hits/hurries. His weekly pass blocking grade was 75.8. (But somehow his season grade is 29.3, despite weekly scores of 7.9, 73.8, 75.8- two games of zero pass blocking snaps) for the season rojo has allowed one hurry and pressure (not sure if the same play) on 7 pass blocking snaps keshawn Vaughn pass blocking grade of 79 for season through 2 games (3 total pass blocking snaps) zero sacks/pressures/hurries/hits
  21. this is so true lol. And ppl want to give Vaughn a pass on his fumble because he was “lit up”. Lit up by a under 200 pound cornerback lol.. no excuses a fumble is a fumble. Brady does throw a bunch of hospital balls though (see barner week 4)
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