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  1. I can confirm this is true. Both Damien and Darrel have 80+ pass block ratings via PFF. That is elite. Mccoy is at 35 now. Last week though he was at 18. I do not have access to weekly scores, just season long scores but it looks like last week against the Lions Mccoy received his best pass blocking rating while on the Chiefs. (Getting accustomed to the system) IMO McCoy retains/gains slight share over the season (but no more than 60-65% of snaps) with either Damien or Darrel receiving the rest of the work. Darrel/Damien is a crapshoot. I doubt we see a 3 back committee here, one of the D W
  2. Everyone arguing semantics at this point. McCoy is clearly the name to own in the backfield if no injuries. I do not think he will ever be a bellcow but he take 60-65% of snaps at some point in the season. Here are some facts to support my theory: 1. McCoy has been on KC for less than a month. He is still learning the system 2. He has a bad ankle that has limited his practicing/learning/trust building in the system 3. Snap count/share is slowly increasing 29% > 40% > 38% > 46% 4. He is RB14 in .5PPR despite joining the team a week before the season started. We
  3. Another big difference I noticed this week for Jags was that they incorporated a FB (TE Seth Devalve). Having a lead blocker in front of Fournette looks to have helped him alot, and I think this is a wrinkle in the offense that the Jags will continue to use. Note during Fournette's best years hes always had a lead blocker- in college and his rookie year.
  4. Agree with Fitz on this. Rodgers was undoubtedly selfish on both goal line stops. Rodgers wanted to be the hero. One of those 3rd down goal line incompletions was an RPO where Jones could have walked in the endzone but no, Rodgers had to keep the ball and ended up throwing it away. After the game when LaFleur was was asked, "Why didnt you run at 1" he said "Thats a great question". I think this is a slight jab at Rodgers. 6 plays within the 5 yard line and zero run plays called and 0 points on the board. Ill leave yall with this thread as well:
  5. Im not seeing that https://twitter.com/jswaggdaddy
  6. Bryan Bulaga (RT), their highly regarded, top PFF ranked OL also left the game at halftime. The backup Alex Light was getting eaten alive in the 2nd half. This is likely one of the reasons the Packers didnt run on the goal line in the second half. Still inexcusable IMO.
  7. I'll admit that I was wrong in expecting a good rushing line from AJ. Philly front 7 was stout. Without Jamaal Williams injury, AJ has a disappointing night. Prayers up to Jamaal, that Barnett hit was dirty and he should be suspended/ejected. With that said, the Packers had two goal line opportunities (with one 1st and goal from the 1) and the Packers refused to give the ball to AJ (who already scored the first TD of the game). If you look back to the 1st and goal from the 1 drive- on 3rd down the Packers ran a RPO and Rodgers choose to keep the ball when AJ would have walked into the endz
  8. I'd aim to do what wins the game. Who knows what happens though? You dont think the Eagles could be planning for the obvious choice here? Whos to say with Darby out (Eagles best CB) they dont sell out for the pass and give up the run? Statistics in FB lack sample size and are always dynamic.
  9. If I had to guess, 15 car 80 yards 1 TD 3 targets 2 rec 20 yards Of course impossible to predict, but I expect an entertaining higher scoring game.
  10. Just edited previous comment before posting this, GB is 24th. But they have played CHI DEF 5th lowest rushing yards per game MIN DEF 13/32 DEN DEF 16/32 Elgton Jenkins is a difference maker in the interior line as well.
  11. Again, Atlanta is 27th in the league in rushing yards per game. WASH is 30th in rushing yards per game DET is 18th in rushing yards per game (Packers 24th)
  12. Starting Aaron Jones tonight with confidence. So far this season through 3 games he is averaging 18 looks (targets + rushes) a game. This is compared to last year when he averaged 14 and was still RB23 in .5PPR despite missing 4 games (3 during the fantasy season). Also, yes I believe Philly run D is solid but if you consider that they've only played WASH ATL DET- 30th, 27th, 18th in team rushing yard per game- theres a good chance that the stout Philly run D has more to do with the opponent than themselves. Lastly, rookie Elgton Jenkins was a BEAST in his first career start against DEN
  13. Agree with everything youve said. Last point especially. No one wants Ross at this stage, you just have to hold/ride til the wheels fall off. Last week he received 100% of snaps to Boyds 90%. Need another data point or two to decide whether or not this breakout is for real.
  14. Fournette will be a big riser over the next few weeks. #BookIT Cam Robinson back at LT, allows Will Richardson to move inside to G which is his natural position. Both starting G's right now for the Jags are trash. So this is a 2 for 1 positive IMO. Volume is king and Fournette should remain Top 5 in volume throughout the season.
  15. 'Known devil is better than the unknown Angel" It takes time for positional moves to happen. Arians likely wants to make sure Jones is 100% ready before handing him the keys to the backfield. Excluding Week 2 when Jones tweaked his ankle and never returned, it looks like snaps are split 33/33/33 between the 3 backs. There is not a lead back IMO. Barber only saw 67% of snaps week 2 because Jones exited. This nugget of info tells me 66% of backfield is Jones/Barber while Dare is locked into his own 33%. (Note Dare lost some snap share in week 3) Note: Via PFF, Jones is the highest rate
  16. It will be too late at that point. Hes a different player this season and can breakout any week.
  17. IMO its becoming clearer that Reid will NOT have a bellcow this season. Two backs will get work every game, with around a 60/40 split. I think whoever gets the 60% in the long run is an upside RB2. 40% RB will be an upside RB3. (This is currently how the RBs are performing). It is also becoming clear that Shady is the preferred runner, with Damien & Darrel as the lead pass catchers and pass protection RBs. I am beginning to doubt if Shady can unseat these RBs in there roles. All 3 RBs are solid pass catchers, but Shady is lacking in the pass protection area compared to Damien &
  18. Putting in a FAAB bid, waiver claim where available. Jones will slowly be worked into the lead role. He looks great so far this season.
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