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  1. Hoping the removal of LeSean McCoy was precautionary. I did not see a play where an injury looked possible or one where he reached for his ankle after. Who knows. Hopefully we get some after-game commentary on the matter.
  2. Worth a speculative add if you have more on your bench in 12+ teamers. Reid definitely trusts Darrel more than McCoy or Darwin in pass pro right now.
  3. Pretty sure Playerprofiler metrics are off on Darwin. He didnt participate in the NFL Combine, but he ran a 4.5 at his pro day. Playerprofiler has his 40 time at 4.6. Here are some other metrics: Pro Day Results 40-yard dash: 4.50 secondsBench press: 28 reps (would’ve been second-best among running backs at 2019 Combine)Vertical jump: 39 inches (would’ve been third-best among running backs at 2019 Combine)Broad jump: 10 feet, 6 inches (would’ve been tied for fifth-best among running backs at 2019 Combine) https://lastwordonprofootball.com/2019/04/03/darwin-thompson-2019-nfl-draft-profil
  4. 1. Darwin has had 2 touches this year. 2. You are likely purposely mis-characterizing what Reid said. Again- heres the quote, "Coach Andy Reid said he wants to make sure Thompson knows his assignments as a pass blocker before he gets a lot of playing time. “As long as I feel like he knows what he’s doing, I’m good with it,’’ Reid said. “He’ll stick it up in there and hit you. It’s just a matter of seeing it. He’s young so he hasn’t seen everything there is to see. He’s getting there. I feel comfortable with him in there.’’ 3. Im not playing Darwin this week- I also have McCoy.
  5. The ONLY thing Damien Williams is good at is running wheel routes.
  6. im not so convinced that the Ravens D we saw last year is the same this year. They likely took a step down. Consider that they have played the Dolphins and Cardinals. On top of that they have several big departures on D including; S Eric Weddle (Signed E Thomas, so upgrade here) OLB Terrell Suggs OLB Zadarius Smith (wrecking OLs for the Packers now) ILB CJ Mosley (one of the top inside linebackers in the league) Slot CB Tavon Young (neck injury, likely out for season) (Linebackers tend to cover RB's on routes, much weaker linebacking core this season) Ravens D could easily
  7. I have a feeling that Thompson is Damien backup while Darrel is McCoy backup. Much like NE with Burkhead as White backup and Harris as Michel backup. They play completely different roles.
  8. McCoy expected to get some work in today. I wonder who is getting first team reps?
  9. He played 4 snaps before re-aggravating the injury.
  10. boom/bust WR2 in 12+ leagues. Until AJG comes back, then will need to reevaluate. Definitely a good chance he can maintain his value in Zac Taylor's new system.
  11. If McCoy's still got it, against the Ravens would be a good time to show out and impress...
  12. This is the H-back usage I was referring to with Hock. It sets him up to be lined up against an inside linebacker (matchup mismatch). Reason why it is so successful is because Hock is a great blocker... he can handle and block that same inside linebacker on running plays. Since Hock is a great receiver and blocker, the defense cannot cheat either way- put a corner or safety on Hock as an H-back and Stafford will audible to a run play where Hock can destroy the smaller defender in blocking. Keep the inside linebacker on Hock and he will destroy them in the open field on routes. Goes without
  13. I dont want to have to drop him because at some point in the season McCoy or Williams will miss a game or two and possibly lose their role. Its inevitable but impossible to predict when. Unfortunately though hes got to go. RIP Darwin Thompson hype train - hopefully we can rev the engine again in November/December time frame.
  14. Can AJG stay healthy at 31 years old? I have serious concerns.. he's still in the walking boot- hints that he may take a little longer than expected (weeks 3-4) to come back. AJG has always had feet problems..
  15. He's a great add in 12+ team leagues. So So hands but great speed and separation. His hands can improve, speed and quickness is something you're born with. Solid snap count/ routes run per dropback. Will be interesting to watch next week.
  16. I really like this kids game but I think I have to drop him here for a lottery pick in Noah Fant who plays tonight. (.5PPR 14 teamer 4 man bench) I still think Hill has flex potential later in the season, but given its Week 1 his drop is doubtful to bring much interest as more intriguing names such as Mclaurin, Ross, and Redskins backs (AP Thompson) still on the wire among others. If Fant is a bust Im likely to pick up Hill again- all three ravens backs got 30% of snaps- it could be a true "hot hand" approach. Who knows though since it was such a blowout. At this point, hes a hold in deep
  17. And as someone who drafted and had Kittle last year, the Lions are using him in much of the same ways. A lot of H-back formations. Add this man. Immediately. As an H-back his versatility will truly shine. He can either block as a top notch fullback on a run OR can use his speed and route running ability to destroy linebackers/ safeties in coverage on play action. Again, Hock is a gem. Watching Fant tonight.
  18. Hock looks great. As I said a few weeks ago I draft Hock as my TE2 with Mcdonald as TE1. Looks like Hock has earned the start next week and I will likely drop Mcdonald. I think Im going to test my luck tonight and drop Justice Hill (who I still like alot but didnt have a big game, doubtful someone picks him up) and add Noah Fant. Ya never know, Iowa has proven to produce top notch TEs.
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