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  1. vaughns a drop but hopefully they continue to give him snaps over McCoy. McCoy is cooked
  2. Well yeah, but that’s football. It was a clean hit (from a cornerback) and he fumbled. That’s all that matters. that turnover gave the bears the lead going into halftime.
  3. This is a good and balanced take. I’ve seen some ppl thinking about selling high on RoJo after this week. Can’t say it’s a bad move. Everything is still very speculative in this backfield but I do feel as good as ever about RoJo.
  4. Biggest play of the game was Vaughn’s fumble. Just give RoJo the passing down snaps already
  5. Tonight should be interesting! I’m a RoJo truther but not gonna lie I’m adding Vaughn where I have open roster spots. He could impress in the passing game plus injuries do happen. We’ll see. Either way starting RoJo tonight with more confidence than I’ve had all season. Hoping for another 100 total yard day and a TD or 2 on 20+ touches. Good luck to fellow RoJo owners!
  6. Quote from BA press conference, "Just two backs practiced today (RoJo & Vaughn). Might just have 2 backs healthy for the game on Thursday" On Leonard, "Well see tomorrow, likely a game time decision"
  7. Still waiting on BA press conference for more info on Fournette's availability this week. RoJo needs another chance to atone for those drops.
  8. have a feeling (hope) that he’s still out on the short week. BA going all in on RoJo carrying the load for another week
  9. Disappointing but I guess I should have expected smh.. high end RB3
  10. Great runner but looks awkward as a receiver. Even when he catches it he’s not fluid. Keshawn Vaughn was when he caught the TD pass- no slow down during/after the catch if I had to guess, nothing has changed for the backfield. RoJo and fournette splitting most work, with either McCoy or Vaughn as a COP. (Vaughn looks real solid as a receiver, could supplant McCoy in his role IMO)
  11. With Godwin and maybe scotty miller out two, we might see more 3 TE sets. Would likely be a positive for the run game.
  12. Nationally televised game tomorrow too.. RoJo needs to showcase himself to the WORLD
  13. I agree Rojo has 20+ touch potential, but i also wouldnt be surprised if mccoy/vaughn takes a little more than expected. Also worth noting the rams are the most run heavy team in the league.
  14. He might 10% of snaps. 60% Rojo 30% mccoy 10% vaughn. i wouldnt expect much more than that at all
  15. Vaughn will get snaps regardless of RoJos performance. 0 percent chance he can take the backfield though
  16. Wouldn’t be surprised if snap share works out with RoJo getting 60% McCoy 30% Vaughn 10%.. RoJo snap share ceiling at 70%. Vaughn will get playing time
  17. Still only an eight page thread? This guy is not getting the hype he deserves. Put some spect on Henderson's name
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