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  1. Good luck, no ones buying RoJo at a price an owner would accept. Check out Tampa Bays rest of season schedule for running backs after this week lol. Its cake
  2. GAS CAN gets in the endzone this week. Bench at your own peril
  3. Only an ankle, hell be fine. Maybe was a rest day then
  4. Rest day doesn’t make sense for Fournette when he hasn’t mastered the playbook! can you say “hammy” the double whammy
  5. I see some ppl speculating that it’s a rest day, but would a rest day make sense when he still hasn’t mastered the playbook? hmmm 🤔
  6. Looks like both RoJo and Fournette will be useless this season without an injury.
  7. DH looks like at least an upside RB2. DH likely sees 50% of snaps moving forward whether or not Akers is active. Brown is stealing passing down snap work which limits DH receiving upside. Hendy can catch and run routes though, so all this is really dynamic and changing week to week. Hendy undoubtably looks like the best back here though
  8. Akers didn’t practice at all last week and was ruled out Friday? He’s 50/50 for week 4 IMO
  9. RoJo and Fournette both useless without an injury. Not dropping cause upside of either is RB1 if one gets hurt
  10. This should be taken with a grain of salt because how early the data is, but JK is a better pass blocker per PFF. On six pass blocking attempts JK has a 83.7 pass block rating. AE sitting at 35.9, while averaging a rating in the 50's throughout his career. Very early, but another positive no doubt
  11. Want to start him but a bit worried about the extra attention he and Ridley will receive with JJ out. If he can perform this week itll be a big positive for him moving forward. Expecting 8 ish targets and 60 yards or something close to that.
  12. I agree ultimately, injuries piling up especially to the OL is never a good thing. My main point overall is that the Rams OLine is looking like a top 10 unit again (serious interior improvements), despite not any changes to personnel. Sometimes the continuity is enough and gives the players more time to jell with each other. Seeing the same thing in JAX with that OLine. Either way, I want to own the top back on a run heavy team with a great OLine- and Hendy is my bet on that.
  13. Noteboom isnt good, PFF rating of 42.4 this season. Worst rating of anyone on the Rams OLine
  14. Damien Harris was put on short term IR with his broken pinky injury. Despite McVay commentary we may see the same with malcolm brown. The finger splint could lead to fumbling issues. We’ll see
  15. People taking victory laps on Fournette taking over the backfield are a bit premature IMO. I’ve said before 50/50 split between RoJo and Fournette is the end result. McCoy is already being worked out, snap share down from 36% week 1 to 18% week 2. There will be no workhorse in this backfield without an injury
  16. poor mans ekeler or James white type with more rushing work. Dolphins offense will improve after 2 tough matchups
  17. Happy owner here. Ceiling higher for both JK and Ekeler with Herbert starting. Hopefully that doesnt change
  18. Yup I am, and Im thinking 30-40%. And likely closer to the higher end of that, Im likely over bidding, but I want him on my roster. I like Henderson over the other free agents backs available in deep leagues. Akers doesnt look ready to me, hes still a raw player (like Henderson last season) and Malcolm Brown looked good week 1 but hes likely still a JAG. Henderson has always been an explosive backs with good receiving ability. IMO Hendersons floor going forward is the change of pace receiving back. With Hendersons improved vision, Akers/Brown short term injuries, Henderson might get a legi
  19. If Julio ends up missing time with that hammy injury its Gage SZN... happy with how hes performed anyway with JJ playing. Solid WR3 with WR2 upside
  20. At least 50% chance of it, I agree. I dislike his smugness too, good things dont come to people who behave like him.
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