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  1. His job is the starting RB for the TB Bucs.
  2. Youre a troll. Do you have any facts to support that Jones doesnt?
  3. Fournettes tweets of Buccaneers memes and his press conference quotes of "finally playing with a QB" have gotten A LOT of attention. I think thats the very definition of "factors outside of their playing ability"
  4. If a players role is being cut back or they are being benched, the coach or positional coach will always have a convo with the player. Thats in all sports and at all levels.
  5. Gurley is an exception, with the degenerative knee and a contract that pays 14M a year. Of course he would pass through waivers.
  6. Over 1,000 yards from scrimmage on a 37% snap share for the season last year from RoJo.
  7. Saying Jones isnt better than KJ is disrespectful.
  8. Lynch was traded though, means the team that traded for him up had assigned some value.
  9. Never had to have a conversation with him is the most telling quote here IMO
  10. Lynch was traded, means a team assigned at least some value to him.
  11. If Fournette is viewed as an average/above average starting caliber RB then why did none of the other 31 teams pick him up off of waivers?
  12. ROJO cap hit - 1,928,702 Fournette cap hit - 2,000,000
  13. In 2019 per PFF, PBLK: RJ: 38.4 LF: 33.6 LM: 63.0 Both RJ and LF ranked in bottom 10 of qualifiers in PBLK
  14. Winston threw for 456 yards and 4 TDs last week. Jameis injury happened first drive of the 3rd quarter. Evans was hurt in 1st quarter. If anything, the thumb injury might force Jameis to throw more short quick pass routes. Howards line after Evans 1st quarter injury : 5 targets 4 rec 73 yards (received all targets after Evans injury) Howards line after Jameis 3rd quarter injury : 3 targets 3 rec 65 yards (3, 60 from jameis, 1 rec 5 yards from Griffin) Last note, 8 of Jameis 23 Ints were passes targeting Evans, with Evans gone the offense may have less BOOM, but more sustained drive
  15. Thinking about going with Howard over Henry this week. TB against a WEAK DET secondary, Evans lost for the year opens up 9 targets a game. Chargers have a tough matchup against MIN, as MIN has great safeties in Harrison Smith and Anthony Harris. Also have a top coverage LB in Eric Kendricks (one of those 3 will unquestionably cover Henry). Henry is prob a good fade. As a previous poster said, Howard is running route on a higher percentage of dropbacks now. Could Howard be a league winner? Thats the real question. Hoping for near-Ertz level production. BOOM week
  16. Going with the Gallup/Dak stack this week. [...]
  17. TJ Logan broken thumb, should free up about 5 snaps per game for Ronald! (joking)
  18. Same choice here, also going with Snell in the FLEX (for now)
  19. Sitting Gallup in favor of either McCoy or Snell prob Snell. Also starting Dak so I wanted to diversify.
  20. Yup. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2019/12/04/bucs-ronald-jones-i-dont-want-to-take-any-steps-backward/
  21. Funny how everyone on the board here assumes that McCoy's role wont grow if Darrel/Damien are out. In a playoff seeding game against the Pats Reid will likely lean on McCoy for 50+% snaps 12-15 touches. With that said, Thompson is worth a pick up on the end of your bench if hes free.
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