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  1. Hearing rumors that TY Hiltons calf injury may put him on IR at worst; out "some period of time" best case. Ebron didnt practice yesterday with an ankle injury. Adding Jack Doyle shares in leagues where available. Hes a solid pass catcher and blocker while playing 70+% of snaps.
  2. Adding him in deep leagues on Sanders trade, increasing snap count and targets.
  3. Officially frustrated with this backfield but still holding McCoy (on bench)
  4. Rotoworld forum majority says Sutton's production will drop with Sanders gone. Im willing to bet the opposite. This is what football analytics twitter has to say on the matter.
  5. Starting over McCoy, AJ Brown. Huge blow up potential with Gareon Conley (likely Raiders best CB) traded to HOU this week.
  6. Hamstring injury coming off the BYE? Either Arians is punishing Howard for his Patriots comments or the Bucs are working on a trade. I heard Seattle is looking for a TE...
  7. Jesse James snaps a season low last week the Vikings at 37% while Hock crept back up to 67% after being in the 50's the previous 2 games.
  8. 27.6% target share in week 7 from passes from Tannehill (8 targets/29 attempts)
  9. Snell looks good, Im not adding him yet but he is definitely someone to keep in mind. We still do not know much about Conner's injury status either.
  10. AJ Brown is a BUY. 9 looks (targets + carries) is a season high. Snap count looks to still be in the 50-65% range though. Great ROS schedule for a player with great YAC ability. BUY and HOLD.
  11. I might have to do the same thing. WASH def better against the run than the pass Both starting tackles out; prob effects run and pass equally FB out; key part of running game offense Deebo out; Pettis' main competition for targets this season at the WR position snap count trending higher50, 42, 63, 71% last 4 weeks Things could be aligning for the Pettis breakout game.
  12. Lets keep regurgitating a stale quote from before LeSean McCoy was signed to the team. Savvy McCoy owners knew the season would start off as an RBBC. Damien did perform great last year, so of course he would get another chance this season (rightfully so). Damien has been exposed this season. But by the time the fantasy season really matters- weeks 10-12 on; Shady will be the lead back here earning 60% of snaps and likely a slightly higher percentage of backfield touches. LeSean McCoy will be the Damien Williams of last year.
  13. Lets look at the facts here for the season inside the 10 yard line. McCoy: (7 games played) 9 rushing att for 13 yards, 2TD = 1.285 rushing att inside the 10 per game 1 tgt for 4 yards = .111 targets per game inside the 10 yard line. Damien: (5 games played) 3 rushing att for 3 yards, 1TD = .60 rushing att inside the 10 per game 1 tgt for -1 yards = .20 targets per game inside the 10 yard line Darrel: (7 games played) 6 rushing att for 4 yards, 2TD = .8571 att inside the 10 per game 0 tgts inside the 10 = 0 targets per game inside the 10 yard line.
  14. Sorry Damien Williams owners. This is the end
  15. RB LeSean McCoy led Chiefs running backs in offensive snaps (25), and the play-calling was more balanced with him on the field than it has been lately. McCoy saw 12 pass plays and 13 run plays. McCoy beginning to eat into passing down/pass protection work? Hmmm If McCoy eats we all eat!
  16. I watched the whole game and it looked like McCoy had around 60% of the snaps, probably because he was the only one in the backfield making plays. Heres the actual breakdown: McCoy 43% Damien 29% Darrel 28%
  17. On a more serious note, last night just further cemented McCoys status in the backfield IMO. Its becoming painfully obvious that Damien needs to be completely worked out and a 60/40 split with McCoy/Darrel. Damien offers no attributes that cannot be matched by either McCoy or Darrel. McCoy is the best runner, while not necessarily the fastest he remains shifty and elusive with great vision. Is improving in pass pro and as we all know can catch the ball well and be explosive in the passing game. Darrel offers a more bruising back who is likely the most explosive player in the backfield in short
  18. Least talked about WR1 in fantasy football history.
  19. Good luck brother. Im considering FLEXing him but likely going with James White because of his consistent floor (I also like having someone play Sun night &/or Monday night). I agree that the Chiefs are likely to try to establish the run but his workload is too big of a question mark at this point. FYI McCoy said in his interview this week that he has straightened out those pass protection issues. Well see how it goes tonight. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/10/15/20916109/video-tyrann-mathieu-lesean-mccoy-speak-to-the-media
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