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  1. Deebo and Kittle missing practice Wednesday.
  2. Looks to be trending up. Looks like we might be able to get the WR1 on an undefeated team half way through the season for cheap. He should be rostered in 12+ teams.
  3. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/10/15/20915301/chiefs-seem-ok-with-their-run-pass-balance-for-now KC sports blog beginning to see what I've been saying all season long. MSM asking, why isnt McCoy getting more touches?
  4. Everyone I named has enough rushes to qualify for leaderboards- so the better question is why wouldnt they be included. Go check nfl.com, espn.com, profootballreference and seeing who is leading the league in YPC. In the NFL 6.25 attempts per game qualify you for leaderboards (Jackson and Murray average higher). In my comment I'm sure to let the reader know that the 2 leaders are QB's. Im not here to cherry pick the stats- I give the whole truth. Funny how you say I had a "horrible" take meanwhile you didnt even attack my point that McCoy is the best performer in the backfield. You choose
  5. Just found this for an official source. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/10/14/20913380/chiefs-texans-making-sense-of-snap-counts
  6. No one is getting a shot at a full time gig. Its a RBBC accept it. McCoy is currently tied for 5th in YPC at 5.4 so I dont see how you can say he isnt playing well. The only names averaging more YPC are Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, Matt Breida, Mostert, and McCoy is tied with Dalvin Cook. So basically the top rushing QBs and the 49ers backfield are ahead of McCoy on a YPC basis. That sounds elite to me. FYI Darrels 52 yard catch yesterday was a pick play that should have been called as offensive pass interference on Kelce. The pick gave Darrel a free lane to run 50+ yards. Watching the tape
  7. Ryan Tannehill over Mariota might prove to be a big upgrade for Titan pass catchers
  8. Early read on yesterdays snap counts: McCoy 50% Damien 38% Darrel 12%
  9. Early read but the breakdown Ive seen was: McCoy 50% Damien 38% Darrel 12%
  10. 10 targets on 50% of snaps. has me drooling
  11. The argument for Shady is not only the evidence this year of him being the most productive back, but his career vs Damien. As well as Reid running to sign him 6 hours after his release. I do not understand how you can call SSS on Damiens 32 carries this season when he only had 50 last season as well. Note McCoy already this year is at 48 carries- McCoy's sample size this year rushing is almost the same size of Damien's sample size last year rushing.
  12. SSS bro. If you can’t see that I can’t help you.
  13. Damien Williams YPC as a Chief: 2018 50 car 256 yards 2019 32 car 63 yards = 3.89 YPC Nearly in line with 3.7 CAREER YPC.
  14. Im a McCoy truther but I still dont see Damien as a drop. The last two games the RBs havent been getting the ball and KC has been getting killed in TOP because of it. It is not a coincidence that they lost both games. KC needs more RB touches; whether it is Damien , McCoy or Darrel. Eventually someone will lead and they will be valuable towards the end of the season.
  15. I do not feel confident this week against NO but I am starting nonetheless
  16. We will see on Sunday. Another bad game from Damien Williams and changes will be made Mccoy is a strong hold but I am starting James White over him this week. We just got to see who shows up in a big game against HOU.
  17. Traded for Sutton this week. Might sit him against TEN though because of game script.
  18. Anyone dropping McCoy will be kicking themselves later in the season. Just look at McCoy's numbers relative to Damien's lol it says it all. And then, the one game where Shady receives zero carries this season they lose? You dont think Reid noticed this? Dont think he will adjust? Yall are cray cray. Im holding all my McCoy shares and adding in other leagues where available.
  19. Lol you know nothing about my team, but thanks for your kind words. Actually in second place in my league of record. The Damien drafters are the ones relying on the KC backfield when you consider that Damien was drafted in the second- and McCoy was a late round pick... Who did you Damien drafters leave on the board? Fournette, K Allen, Kittle, Mack, Cooper, Golladay, Ingram, Kupp... just to name a few..
  20. Added him today in my league of record with Waller on bye. Hock remains a low end TE1 with high end upside.
  21. And we were also talking about this year... and you brought up career numbers. Who cares about career numbers? The NFL is all about WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY
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