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  1. Picking him up in yahoo league as a flier. If he has a big game he stays, if no production he will be dropped tmw for a FA. No risk, hella reward. Pettis was a beast in the back end of last year. Hoping the injuries were the problem this training camp and he can show out against CLE.
  2. Yard per Carry is what I said, not yard per catch. And you are the one moving goal posts... This thread is about Mccoy in year 2019 not the career of Lesean Mccoy. Right now is what matters not the past.
  3. This is yards gained per target, NOT ADOT. It is an efficiency measure much like YPC. Tells you part of the story but not all (no one statistic can fully explain another statistic) Sorry try again.
  4. TBH I think it was more so an excuse to let Damien get the most play and flop. Who knows the locker room dynamics and who the players believe the starter should be. Once it becomes clear as day the players support McCoy over Damien he will get the snap share he deserves.
  5. That might sound like a small amount but for RBs thats the difference between being 15th in YPT (McCoy) and 25th in YPT (Damien). RBs have much less variance in YPT than WR's due to the nature of the targets (close to the line of scrimmage, low air yards completions). The top 7 RBs in YPT have less than 10 targets each btw. And dont forget, on the ground the difference is much more pronounced 1.8 YPC (Damien, 54th) to 5.4 YPC (Mccoy, 7th) (used stats on RBs that have played at least 25% of snaps)
  6. This makes sense in a week where the LT and LG are injured and the colts D-line was getting into the backfield with ease against the Chiefs OL. Might have also of made sense to run the ball down their throats or use misdirection/screens but Reid obviously took the former route and got his best pass blocking RBs on the field.
  7. Listen to 8:40 to 9:10. Reid is asked about McCoys lack of playing time; he says it was NOT related to the fumble and it had to do with pass blocking/protection & that they are working on getting it straightened out. This proves that McCoy is still learning the offense and there is snap share upside for him in the backfield. Patience will be required and it might take a couple more weeks but Shady will have 60% of snaps by Week 10. Book it.
  8. Yet McCoy is averaging more yards per target than Damien. Damien 6.8 YPT McCoy 7.2 YPT Hmmm
  9. #FreeAaronJones Victory Lap today. Anyone here can help teach me how to upload a GIF to a comment please? I feel left out!
  10. 1.3 in .5PPR. However you slice it. McCoy is still averaging more fantasy points per game played (.5PPR) than Williams. McCoy 52.3/5 = 10.46 fantasy points per game Damien 27.9/3= 9.3 fantasy points per game. And that is with Damien receiving roughly 60% of the snaps in the games he has played in (McCoy has never eclipsed 47%) Enjoy your one week of half glory.
  11. LOL on Sundays I literally watch every game possible with Redzone and watching the games available on TV. On Sundays Im watching football from 1pm to 11 30pm like clockwork whether im home, at the bar, or with my girlfriend. OK- lets say KC ran 9 predictable run plays with a bad oline... explain Damien's performance in week 1 and week 2 then? Fisher and Wylie were healthy then and the oline was at full strength. You're acting as if Damien's bad play has been isolated to this one game- hes been bad in every game hes played this season.
  12. "second-round pick A.J. Brown played 65% of offensive snaps, his first time over 50% this season" As AJ Brown continues to learn the offense and gain snap count/share, he may move into FLEX territory in 14+ teamers after next weeks matchup with Denver. The talent is clearly there for Brown.
  13. No need for sour grapes. This was a pitiful performance by Damien Williams. If someone told you before the game that combined McCoy and Darrel would have 2 touches you would have assumed a 20+ point game for Damien in .5PPR. In reality he produced 5.3 points. Damien is a bum. And what happens to bums? They lose their job at some point. Reid gave enough respect to Damien not to Wally Pipp him, but next week I expect changes in the RB group. Open competition is coming up.
  14. McCoy owner here. Im not worried, but I may keep McCoy on the bench next week as this can take multiple weeks to play out. It kind of felt like Reid set Damien up for a "prove it" game- prove you deserve to be the main back; and he failed miserably. 2.6 YPC against the 4th worst run defense in the league using YPC (5.1 YPC colts give up) with their start linebacker Darius Leonard out. Damien was also lackluster in his claim to fame, the passing game with only 3 receptions for 15 yards. some efficiency stats on the season YPC YPT Damien
  15. Simple conclusion after watching every KC game this season: Damien Williams aint it, Chief. In games Damien has played in/started: Chiefs are 2-1 ; Chiefs are averaging 60 rushing yards per game. 427 total offensive yards per game. In games where Damien has been out: Chiefs are 2-0 ; Chiefs are averaging 131.5 rushing yards per game. 470 total offensive yards per game. This game against the Colts pretty much confirms Damien is not the most effective back on the team. I expect his snap count/share to begin to decrease weekly starting next week. I dont even want/need to get in
  16. Dropped Darrel (holding McCoy) for a bye week fill in for week 6 after this game. With that said, the Chiefs lost this game because of Reids refusal to play Shady or Darrel. Damien Williams just does NOT have the sauce. Zero carries for your best two runners Darrel and Shady. Colts dominated possession time in the second half. Reid, this ones on YOU. Colts were giving up 5.1 YPC before this game. Did any reporters grill Reid after the game for this blunder?
  17. Starting with confidence. DAL is a tough def but with Williams out Jones should get passing down work too. Helps cushion his floor a bit.
  18. Waiting on that Rotoworld notification saying, "Vrabel looking to get AJ Brown on the field more"
  19. Very intrigued by this guy. If the Titans can smarten up and play him 75% of snaps he may be able to produce low end WR2 numbers. Maybe even more. Im now trying to find out why his snap count/share hasnt moved higher. Not finding anything other than he missed a few weeks of training camp. Increased role HAS to be coming soon, no?
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