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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/pirates-starling-marte-out-until-at-least-sept-24/ Marte is out for sure until at least Sept 24. I think for people who still have him on their bench, they can safely drop him now if they were still doubtful it was a good move to do or not.
  2. In this case, I would go for Murphy just because he will probably be easier to get without using a pick too early to draft him as Will Smith is "more fashionable" so more people will focus on Smith over Murphy. For me, both are "risky". Will Smith clearly showed he was able to be the best catcher for few weeks until to turn as one of the worst catcher. Look at his H/AB those last weeks to see how much he's typically the kind of guy who makes you feel that it's not that bad to play without any catcher than with a catcher like him. This is what Will Smith has been recently while before he w
  3. His double eligibility 2B,3B makes him a decent pick up next season but his a rookie and we haven't seen much enough from him so for me, I wouldn't pick him up before 130-150 ADP. How many rookies have been called up this season and have directly been red hot for few weeks before to cool off? The majority of them. We do need to see more of Solak to chase him like a potential top 2B,3B next season. Just my opinion. In re-draft league, unless the league is composed of more than 12 managers, I don't believe Solak is more than an utility man.
  4. When healthy and with his mind dedicated to baseball only, Darvish is an ace. Maybe not the top of the top, but this guy is much better than a simple above average pitcher. Yet, I do repeat there are 2 conditions for Darvish to be considered as an ace. Firstly, he must healthy like he has been this year and secondly, he must be focused on baseball only like it seems to be the case so far this season. Otherwise, he'll go back to a simple above average pitcher who can pitch like a true ace and then pitch like a random pitcher. Yes, I understand some people are worried about the fact he give
  5. That's impossible to say. The sample has been too short for both, and even more for Murphy. And what we have seen with Will Smith is how much he's been struggling those last weeks.
  6. I guess not that safe to avoid your comment. Unless you play in a league with over 16 managers, I hardly believe there will be something like "As long as he's healthy, [Mitchell Trubisky] is someone you should always start unless of course you have a better QB." Context is everything... Probably something you forgot, but I guess it's because you were too busy to write what is quite literally the most [ ] and [ ] statement I have ever seen in fantasy. I let you choose the best adjectives to complete the sentence because it seems you're good at that.
  7. Between Aquino and Matt Olson, I do pick Matt Olson everyday without any hesitation. I luckily was able to pick both kids. I still own Matt Olson. I dropped Aquino after he cooled off. Aquino was a hot hand to ride just like 3/4 of prospects called up on Major. We should just pick them, and ride them as long as they are hot, and then goodbye. At least in re-draft league. Aquino isn't the only kid in this case. Will Smith (Dodgers) the same.
  8. Darvish has been an ace since the beginning of the 2nd half. His perf tonight is like Strasburg yesterday. It reminds everybody that baseball is a sport, not a predictable science.
  9. From days, I've repeated that Marte was a drop candidate for sure in re-draft league especially assuming you were owning this guy while in PO. The Pirates wait for the next season and they don't give a **** to rush their best player back, nor they need to carefully update his health situation. And with expanded rosters and nothing to play, there is no need for the Pirates to push Marte on IL. Marte is gone for this season. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/pirates-starling-marte-held-out-again/
  10. Trout isn't dealing with an injury that should negatively impact his talent, however he has been dealing with few minors injuries this season and not this season only so while I don't believe it won't change his #1 ADP, in 5 cats fantasy league he won't be that better than few other 1st round pick such as Acuna, Bellinger, or Yelich. I'll personally wait to see how Acuna is gonna deal with his recent slump to end his season, but if I see a comeback from this kid, I do believe that in 5 cats (R/HR/RBI/SB/OBP) Acuna is gonna be more valuable and fantasy-relevant than Trout from next season.
  11. I guess "Aces gonna ace" won't apply to him tonight! Pitcherlist ranked Strasburg as the number 1 tonight. Look at the result... No need to add that most so-called fantasy experts and their expert advice said to avoid Cardinals' batters this week because of their matchups against Nationals's aces. Once again, look at the result... Sport is unpredictable.
  12. Well, I believe we can count on aces and to a lesser extend in pitchers who are above average pitchers. For the others, it's impossible to predict with enough confidence.
  13. This guy would have been a joke all over the season. Out tonight with no reason given. Probably his back again. Annoying as he was more than decent those lost weeks. I'm wondering if he will even be drafted before the 10th round next season.
  14. You're very optimistic especially when you see what the Twins did on Bieber yesterday 😂 And Bieber is much closer to an ace than ReyLo will ever been.
  15. Baseball is a sport. Sports are unpredictable, especially team sports. At best, you can reduce randomness. There is no Nostradamus of baseball, nor Nostradamus of Fantasy. Luck is a part of the final results no matter what some people wanna say to comfort themselves. Fantasy analysts are like fortune-teller. They comfort or scare you about things you were already thinking about. End of story.
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